Published On: Wed, Feb 24th, 2021

Android’s latest refurbish will let we report texts, secure your passwords and more

Google currently announced a subsequent set of facilities entrance to Android, including a new cue checkup tool, a approach to report your texts, along with other improvements to products like a shade reader TalkBack, Maps, Assistant and Android Auto. This open 2021 recover is latest in a array of smaller refurbish bundles, identical to iOS “point releases,” that supplement new functionality and facilities to Android outward of a incomparable refurbish cycle.

One a confidence front, this refurbish will confederate a underline called Password Checkup into inclination regulating Android 9 and above to warning we to passwords you’re regulating that have been formerly exposed.

The underline works with Autofill with Google, that lets we fast pointer in to apps and other services on Android. Now, when we use Autofill, Password Checkup will check your certification opposite a list of famous compromised passwords, afterwards forewarn we if your certification seem on that list and what to do about it.

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The prompt can also approach we to your Password Manager page on Google, where we can examination all your other saved Autofill passwords for identical issues.

To use this feature, you’ll need to have Autofill enabled. (Settings System Languages Input Advanced, a daub Autofill. Tap Google to safeguard a environment is enabled.)

The new Messages underline rolling out this refurbish could see inclusive texters deliberation a switch to Android, as it’s one of a many in-demand facilities given SMS was invented: a ability to report your texts.

Image Credits: Google

Android’s new scheduled send underline will concede we to harmonise a summary forward of time, whenever it’s available for you, afterwards report it to be sent after when it’s a some-more suitable time. This can be quite useful if we have friends, family or coworkers and colleagues in other timezones, and are wavering to worry them when they could be sleeping or enjoying family time after work. It can also assistance those who mostly remember something they meant to content when it’s late during night and too late to send a message.

To use this feature, you’ll usually write a content as usual, afterwards press and reason a send symbol to name a date and time to broach a message. You’ll need a latest chronicle of a Android Messages app for this underline to work.

Another flagship underline nearing in this Android recover is directed during creation Android’s shade reader, famous as TalkBack, easier to use for those users who are blind or have low vision. TalkBack currently allows users to navigate their device with their voice and gestures in sequence to read, write, send emails, share amicable media, sequence smoothness and more.

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The updated chronicle (TalkBack 9.1) will now embody a dozen new multifinger gestures to correlate with apps and perform common actions, like selecting and modifying text, determining media or removing help. This will work on Pixel and Samsung Galaxy inclination from One UI 3 onwards, Google says.

Google is also responding to user feedback over TalkBack’s treacherous mixed menu complement and has returned to a singular menu complement users wanted. This singular menu will adjust to context while also providing unchanging entrance to a many common functions.

Other TalkBack improvements includes new gestures — like an adult and right appropriate to entrance over 25 voice commands — and new reading controls that let users possibly slick a page, review usually headlines, listen word-by-word or even character-by-character.

Users can also now supplement or mislay options from a TalkBack menu or a reading controls to serve customize a interface to their needs. Plus, TalkBack’s braille keyboard combined support for Arabic and Spanish.

The open refurbish also adds some-more teenager improvements to Maps, Assistant and Android Auto.

Maps is removing a dim mode that we can capacitate as a default underneath Settings Theme and afterwards selecting “Always in Dark Theme.”


Image Credits: Google

Google Assistant’s refurbish will let we use a underline when a phone is sealed or serve divided from you, by branch on Lock Screen Personal Results in Assistant’s Settings afterwards observant “Hey Google,” as needed.

The new cards that seem when a phone is sealed are meant to be easier to review with usually a glance, Google says.

And finally, Android Auto will now embody tradition wallpapers and voice-activated games like trivia and “Jeopardy!” that we can ask for around a “Hey Google” command.

Image Credits: Google

There are also now shortcuts on a launch shade for accessing your contacts, or regulating Assistant to finish tasks like checking a continue or adjusting a thermostat, for example. Cars with wider screens will benefit entrance to a separate shade perspective with Google Maps on one side and media controls on a other.

Android Auto’s facilities will hurl out in a “coming days” on phones regulating Android 6.0 and aloft and work with concordant cars, Google notes.

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