Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2016

Android Wear Gets Speaker Support And New Gestures, Voice Input Options

Google launched an refurbish to Android Wear currently that brings a integrate of new facilities to a smartwatch platform.

Maybe a many engaging of these is Android Wear’s ability to use a speakers that are now inside some of a newest watches. If we possess a Huawei Watch or an ASUS ZenWatch 2, for example, you’ll now be means to go full Dick Tracy and make and take calls right from your watch. As Google notes, we will also be means to listen to audio and video messages from a series of applications that already support this feature, including Glide (remember Glide?).

unnamed (13)The refurbish also introduces a integrate of new wrist gestures. To enhance a card, we can now reason your arm in front of we and afterwards fast pull down. To go back, we can reason out your arm and fast focus up. To lapse to a watch face, we shake your wrist out and in a few times. Make certain you’re not in a porcelain store while we try these.

With this update, it’s also easier to messages from apps like Hangouts, Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp with a singular voice command. “OK Google, Send a WhatsApp summary to Mom: Need income for a things we only pennyless in a porcelain store.”

Overall, nothing of these new facilities are large updates, though generally a new voice commands should make regulating a height easier — a wrist gestures, I’m not that certain about yet, though that substantially depends on personal preference.

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