Published On: Mon, Oct 30th, 2017

Android Pay Testing Notification Feature For All Transactions Made On Your Credit Card

It is essential to keep lane of your purchases and notifications for each squeeze assistance in progressing a record. Services like Android Pay have a functionality to warning about purchases done regulating a service, though it usually notifies when a squeeze is done from your phone.

Now, Google is formulation to extend a notifications use for all a purchases done on your cards. It will uncover a whole transaction story for your cards regardless of if we done a squeeze on your phone or not.

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According to a tweet, Android Pay app seems to be contrast a new underline for “Full Purchase History.” This new underline will fetch your finish transaction story from your label and uncover it alongside a purchases done on Android Pay. It is value observant that this new underline on Android Pay will usually work with name cards. As we can see it in a screenshots, a use is shown operative for American Express Cash card. Many American Express label users are saying a same functionality for their cards on Android Pay, including a users in a UK. So, in easier terms, Android Pay will now forewarn we about non-Android Pay transaction too.

Android Pay

Services like PayPal always forewarn users about a purchases done by their PayPal account. Even if we have a PayPal app commissioned on your phone, we will still get a summary saying a volume spend on a new purchase. It is a confidence underline and also flattering useful for users to say a record of their output around PayPal account. It also translates banking to your internal banking when we squeeze things in other currencies. Google is now going to exercise a same underline in a broader manner.

In further to gripping lane of your expenditures, a new underline entrance to Android Pay will also assistance we mark any questionable activity. Currently, a underline does not seem to accessible to all a users, though it is approaching to make the approach to your phone soon.

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