Published On: Sat, Jun 24th, 2017

Android O Might Be Named As Oatmeal Cookie, But We Can Still Root for Oreo

Android O debuted in Mar this year, and given afterwards 3 developer previews of a OS chronicle have been released. Google has suggested a lot of information about Android O, solely for what “O” stands for. The name is still a mystery, though many of us are personally rooting for “Oreo,” right?

Google always reveals a name of a Android chronicle during a finish of eventuality year. This time around, a Internal source formula Android O seems to have suggested a name before a central announcement. The explanation is not what we were anticipating for; a inner source formula mentions ‘oc-dev’ several times, wherein a “oc” could mount for “Oatmeal Cookie.”

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Another justification for Oatmeal Cookie is when a formula indicates that Google Pixel is using on Android O Developer Preview or ‘oc-dev.’ It apparently means that OC is a synonym for Android O Developer Preview, and could really good mount for Oatmeal Cookie. The hypothesis becomes stronger when we remember one of Google I/O’s display slip that carried a word Oatmeal Cookie.

Admittedly, a proofs are explanatory, though Google is indeterminate and could spin a tables anytime. Ever given a inception, Android O has been referred to as Android Oreo by many enthusiasts, though it could usually spin out to be a existence if Google partners with Cadbury like a did it with Nestle for KitKat. To recall, Google did combine with Cadbury for the Oreo Dunk Challenge game, though that could usually be singular to a diversion and not Android chronicle name.

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The third developer preview for Android O reliable a chronicle series as Android 8.0. Now, a usually poser left is what a “O” stands for. Google expelled a Developer Preview 3 with final Android 8.0 APIs in early June, and announced that it would recover another preview in Jul that will move “near-final complement images.” The association says that a Developer Preview 3 for Android O has a final API turn 26. It has brought bug fixes and optimizations to a platform.

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