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Android O Developer Preview : New Features And Enhancements That You Must Know

In a rather astonishing move, Google has expelled a initial developer preview for subsequent chronicle of a mobile OS – Android O (v8.0). It is codenamed Android ‘O’, though we are conveniently presumption that a O stands for Oreo.

Being a initial developer preview, one can't unequivocally design it to be fast enough. Even Google wrote in a post that “it’s early days, there are some-more facilities coming, and there’s still copiousness of stabilization and opening work forward of us. But it’s booting :).” Also, being in a nascent stages of stability, a preview will not be accessible on Android Beta program, that means no some-more easy OTA updates for now. Google has posted bureau images for a Nexus 5X, 6P, Player, and a Pixel, Pixel XL, and Pixel C. You can find a designation instructions in this post.

By a looks of it, we do not unequivocally see any path-breaking facilities or UI changes. It looks like that this time Google has focused some-more on a core values of a handling system. However, there are still many facilities that we contingency know about. We have listed them below.

Here are some of a vital Android O features


Android O comes with an all new presentation channel, that provides a ability to have organisation notifications from apps. It means that we can now cluster your notifications underneath a type, for instance – sports notifications that will store all a info about sports that comes in a app. It will give wider control to a users to manage apps and a calm that pops adult in a presentation bar.

Picture In Picture (PIP)

This underline shall come accessible to those who watch a lot of videos on their Android devices. It allows users to put a video into a PIP mode when they wish to switch to a new app. The mode is flattering most like what we see on YouTube, it resizes a video window into a tiny PIP placed during a bottom right dilemma whenever a user taps on a behind button. The videos sojourn paused in a PIP and a playback starts once a user opens them.

Keyboard Navigation

This underline is directed during charity improved keyboard control to Android Apps on Chrome OS. It offers extended arrow and add-on keyboard navigation within apps. Google pronounced that “with a appearance of Android Apps on Chrome OS and other vast form factors, we’re saying a resurgence of keyboard navigation use within Android apps.”

Adaptive icons

To offer improved customization with a UI, Android O allows users to emanate adaptive icons, that are displayed in opposite shapes on a screen. There are also analogous charcterised actions that flog off when we hold a icons.

Multi-Display Support

It is also directed during assisting developers to lift out activities on Chrome OS. With a multi-display support, developers will be means to use remote arrangement to launch activities.

Background Limits

This one focuses on shortening a credentials information use and augmenting battery life. Android O has an assorted control over a app, it can extent a volume of information used by an app in a background, that in spin enhances a battery life. There are 3 forms of boundary that will be used by a OS to shorten information expenditure – substantial broadcasts, credentials services, and plcae updates.

Wide-Gamut Color for Apps

It allows Android developers to make full use of imaging apps on a inclination that underline wide-gamut tone display. To make use of a feature, developers have to capacitate a dwindle in their app’s perceptible for each activity. They will also have to upload bitmaps and embedded far-reaching tone form (AdobeRGB, Pro Photo RGB, DCI-P3, etc.).

Enhanced Connectivity and Audio

Android O comes with high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs – a LDAC codec. It also has new Wi-Fi facilities such as Wi-Fi Aware before famous as Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN. On a concordant devices, this underline would be means to promulgate but a internet connection.

In a blog post, Google pronounced that it is now operative with a hardware partners to make Wi-Fi Aware record accessible to inclination shortly. In addition, a Telecom horizon is bringing ConnectionService APIs to support third celebration job apps confederate with System UI, to make it concordant with other apps too.

Partner Platform Contributions

Hardware and program makers have come together for Android O to make it some-more arguable and significant. Google states as an instance that “Sony has contributed some-more than 30 underline enhancements including a LDAC codec and 250 bug fixes to Android O.”

AAudio API for Pro Audio

Android O facilities AAudio, that is a new local API designed quite for apps that need high-performance and low-stress audio. The apps compared with AAudio review and write information around streams. In a Developer Preview, Google expelled an early chronicle of a new AAudio API for Pro Audio feature.

Java 8 Language APIs

With Android O onboard, Android supports a new java.time API, that creates a runtime faster and 2x improvements in app benchmarks.

These were a new features on Android O. Stay tuned with us to get some-more info on serve developments in Android O and revelations per a destiny releases.

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