Published On: Fri, Apr 10th, 2020

Android gets a built-in Braille keyboard

Android has perceived a resources of accessibility facilities over a final integrate of years, though one that has been left to third-party developers is a approach for blind users to form regulating braille. That changes currently with Android’s new built-in braille keyboard, that should shortly be accessible as an choice on all phones regulating chronicle 5 and adult of a OS.

Braille is a formidable subject in a accessibility community, as in many ways it has been supplanted by voice recognition, shade readers and other tools. But many people are already informed with it and use it frequently — and after all, one can’t always discuss out loud.

Third-party braille keyboards are available, though some cost income or are no longer in development. And since a keyboard radically has entrance to all we type, there are confidence considerations as well. So it’s best for a keyboard we use to be an central one from a creditable company. Google will have to do!

(Apple, it contingency be said, has had a braille keyboard like this one for years that plugs into a OS’s other accessibility tools. It can be activated regulating a instructions here.)

Google sum AI work behind Project Euphonia’s some-more thorough debate recognition

The new keyboard, a association writes in a blog post, was combined as a partnership with several users and developers of braille software, and should be informed to anyone who’s used something like it in a past.

The user binds a phone in landscape mode, with a shade confronting divided from them, and taps a regions analogous to any of a 6 dots that form letters in a braille alphabet. It works with Android’s TalkBack function, that reads off difference a user forms or selects, so like any other essay process errors can be fast rescued and corrected. There are also some built-in gestures for fast deletion letters and difference or promulgation a content to a target or comparison field.

Instructions for activating a braille keyboard are here. Right now it’s usually accessible in English, though some-more languages will expected be combined in a nearby future.


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