Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Android announces 6 new features, emphasizing reserve and accessibility

Android common information currently about 6 facilities that will hurl out this summer. Some of these are usually peculiarity of life upgrades, like starring calm messages to simply find them later, or removing contextual Emoji Kitchen suggestions depending on what you’re typing. But other aspects of this refurbish stress security, reserve and accessibility.

Last summer, Google combined a underline on Android that fundamentally uses your phone as a seismometer to emanate “the world’s largest trembler showing network.” The complement is free, and given contrast in California, it’s also launched in New Zealand and Greece. Now, Google will deliver this underline in Turkey, a Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The association says that they’ll continue expanding a underline this year, prioritizing countries with a top trembler risk.

Image Credits: Google

Google is also expanding on another underline expelled final year, that done Google Assistant concordant with Android apps. In a initial update, apps were upheld like Spotify, Snapchat, Twitter, Walmart, Discord, Etsy, MyFitnessPal, Mint, Nike Adapt, Nike Run Club, eBay, Kroger, Postmates and Wayfair. Today’s refurbish mentioned apps like eBay, Yahoo! Finance, Strava and Capital One. These facilities are allied to Apple’s support of Siri with iOS apps, that includes a ability to open apps, perform tasks and record a tradition command.

Image Credits: Google

When it comes to accessibility, Google is ramping adult a gawk showing feature, that is now in beta. Gaze showing allows people to ask Voice Access to usually respond when they’re looking during their screen, permitting people to naturally pierce between articulate with friends and regulating their phone. Now, Voice Access will also have extended cue submit — when it detects a cue field, it will concede we to submit letters, numbers and black by observant “capital P” or “dollar sign,” for example, creation it easier for users to some-more fast enter this supportive information. In October, Google Assistant became permitted on gaze-powered permitted devices, and in a same month, Google researchers debuted a demo that done it so people regulating pointer denunciation could be identified as a “active speaker” in video calls. Apple doesn’t have a allied gawk showing underline nonetheless that’s widely available, yet they acquired SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), an eye-tracking firm, in 2017. So, hopefully identical accessibility facilities will be in a works during Apple, generally as Google continues to build out theirs.

Today’s Android refurbish also lets Android Auto users customize some-more of their experience. Now, we can set your launcher shade from your phone, set dim mode manually and some-more simply crop calm on media apps with an A-Z corkscrew bar and “back to top” button. Messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messages will now be concordant on a launch shade — ensue with counsel and don’t expostulate dreaming — and EV charging, parking, and navigation apps will now be permitted for use.

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