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Android 8.0 Oreo: Is It Really An Incremental Update? Check Out Our Features Overview

Google expelled Android 8.0 Oreo, a few days behind and we got it on a Google Pixel unit. After regulating it for sometime, we have tested some of a many acclaimed facilities on a new chronicle of a OS. Some of a facilities like PiP, intelligent content selection, auto-fill, and tradition notifications tender us. Let’s take a demeanour during a facilities and enhancements that debuted with this chronicle of Android.


The Oreo refurbish was claimed to pierce “Performance improvements”, and it does accurately as touted. Boot time on my Pixel section showed conspicuous improvement, it now boots in seconds. Even apps open faster than before, that can be attributed to involuntary cache dismissal on Oreo. Google has also combined “wise limits” for a plcae and execution of a apps that run in a background, that saves battery life and also transparent memory. On a Pixel unit, we gifted softened battery life after updating to Oreo.

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Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

Yes, it was one of a many remarkable facilities on Oreo. The Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode is useful when we wish to do multitasking but compromising on a video that we have been watching. The best partial is that users can customise a support of a PiP along with a controls like Play/Pause.

Notification Shades, Badges, and other controls

Notifications have been redesigned, and there is a new colour intrigue that comes into movement from media apps like YouTube and song streaming apps like Play Music. This presentation shade is flattering useful when we lift down a presentation row and see media apps in a graphic shade creation it easier to control them.

Then there are presentation badges that are accurately like Notification dots on iOS, these dots seem on a apps that have unread notifications. When we prolonged press on a app afterwards we will see a notifications in tiny box above it.

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Android 8.0 Oreo

Notification Badge

Other presentation controls embody – snoozing a presentation for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours, or an hour (default). This underline is flattering critical as we don’t have to skip critical notifications when busy, they will seem on a shade as per your preferred time.

Also, in a notifications environment we have many options to control notifications for specific apps. For instance – You can control notifications from Twitter app by branch it off/on for Followers,  Contacts, Direct Messages, Emergency Alerts, and Recommendations.


Autofill is a godsend underline on Oreo. It stores your information (login sum and addresses) and lets we fill it automatically for apps and other online services. Every time we record into a new use or app, a complement will ask if we wish autofill to remember it. Once we concede a information to store, it will uncover adult automatically whenever we use a same app. You don’t have to remember your username and passwords.

Smart Text Selection

This underline creates a lives easier by now suggesting apps that approve with a text. As we can see in a screenshot, a content comparison is an residence and when we duplicate it, there is an involuntary idea of Google Maps that we can launch directly by drumming on a icon. Same goes for phone numbers and e-mail address, Contacts app and Gmail shows adult in a copy-paste box.

Enhanced Audio Codes

Android Oreo comes with extended high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs such as LDAC codec and AAudio record that is designed to offer higher audio peculiarity to a apps that direct “high-performance, low-latency audio.” The new AAudio API for Pro Audio on Android Oreo is a acquire further for a users.

Smart WiFi Connect

This one is among Oreo’s many useful features. Android Oreo comes with a WiFi underline that saves we from manually branch on WiFi when we are circuitously a famous entrance point. This underline connects your phone to a famous WiFi indicate automatically whenever we are circuitously it. You only have to go to a Settings and capacitate “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically” Also, there is “Connect to open networks”  that notifies when there is an open network nearby.

Streamlined Settings menu

The Settings menu in Android 8.0 has perceived a critical overhaul. It is now some-more streamlined than ever and shorter too. Google has grouped settings menu underneath segments, for example, presentation has all a settings for notifications. Google has also finished improved utilization for white spaces that make a Settings menu demeanour neat.

Better File Manager

Oreo brings a improved record manager that lets we open a downloaded files by drumming on a menu in a upper-right dilemma and selecting “Show inner storage.” You afterwards get options to move, copy, or open with, or rename.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect module is directed during gripping your phone protected from antagonistic apps. It scans some-more than 50 billion apps a day to contend a peculiarity of apps and get absolved of those that tumble brief on a peculiarity and security.

Default Print Service

Oreo resolves issues that we have had with copy around Android phones. With Android 8.0 Oreo, there is no need of third-party plugin for opposite brands of printers. Google has partnered with Mopria to pierce Default Print Service to a Android OS. The Default Print Service is concordant with any printer that is approved by Mopria and given a fact that Mopria-certified printers consecrate for over 100 million of a printers on a marketplace – 97%. So, a chances are flattering high that your printer will be concordant with a Default Print Service.

New Emojis (Rounded and Cute)

For Android 8.0 Oreo, Google has introduced dull emojis that are concordant with other platforms too. The blobs have been transposed by these new emojis and they are flattering lovable too.

Our verdict

Overall, Android 8.0 Oreo is an incremental refurbish that does not pierce anything critical onboard. But, we contingency say, Google has finished some good work here by introducing new facilities like PiP, autofill, Play Protect, and a new presentation controls. With Oreo, a Pixel phone now boots faster and shows critical stats about battery and apps. While Nougat is frequency on 14% of active Android devices, it looks like a prolonged highway for Oreo. Google has also reviewed a emanate of delayed refurbish cycle, that is because it has introduced Project Treble with Oreo. It will support OEMs to pull updates faster.

For Pixel and Nexus users, a refurbish is already available. We can design other manufacturers to speed adult a routine for their name smartphones soon.


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