Published On: Thu, Aug 24th, 2017

Android 8.0 Oreo Brings ‘Default Print Service’ To Make Printing From Phone Easier

Now that Android 8.0 Oreo is out in a wild, we are removing to know about other new facilities that it brings onboard. One nifty further that debuts with Oreo solve one of a biggest shortcomings on Android, that is copy but requiring plugins.

Until now, copy around Android has been a prolonged process. Firstly, each code of printer compulsory a designation of a possess plugin around Google Play Store to imitation from a device. Secondly, after installing a plugin, there were many some-more stairs to be followed before removing a printout. Overall, a whole routine was cumbersome. But Oreo changes it all, and we are happier than ever.

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With Android 8.0 Oreo, there is no need of third-party plugin for opposite brands of printers. Google has partnered with Mopria to move Default Print Service to a Android OS. Oreo gets a initial local copy height on a OS. This was prolonged due, and we are blissful that Google resolved it.

The Default Print Service is concordant with any printer that is approved by Mopria and given a fact that Mopria-certified printers consecrate for over 100 million of a printers on a marketplace – 97%. So, a chances are flattering high that your printer will be concordant with a Default Print Service.

Per Mopria’s Chairman of a Board, Greg Kuziej says:

Mobile copy should be discerning and ubiqutious, either you’re during home, in a office, or on a go. Thanks to Mopria technology, Google and a Android Open Source Project, we’re delivering easy mobile copy to Android users.

How to use the Default Print Service?

To use a Default Print Service on your Android 8.0 Oreo regulating device, we have to go to Settings Connected inclination Printing Default Print Service. When we open Default Print Service, you’ll be means to bond to your printer around Wi-Fi or by manually entering a IP address.

Before a launch of Android Oreo, Google was regulating a Google Cloud Print use to assistance users get a imitation from their phone. It’s good to see that Android Oreo gets absolved of additional work and creates copy easier for a users.

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