Published On: Tue, Jul 13th, 2021

Android 12 will let we play games before they finish downloading

At a Game Developer Summit, Google currently announced a new underline for Android diversion developers currently that will speed adult a time from starting a download in a Google Play store to a diversion rising by roughly 2x — during slightest on Android 12 devices. The name of a new feature, ‘play as we download,’ flattering many gives divided what this is all about. Even before all a game’s resources have been downloaded, players will be means to get going.

On average, complicated games are expected a largest apps you’ll ever download and when that download takes a integrate of minutes, we might have prolonged changed on to a subsequent TikTok event before a diversion is ever prepared to play. With this new feature, Google promises that it’ll take usually half a time to burst into a diversion that weighs in during 400MB or so. If you’re a console gamer, this whole judgment will also feel familiar, given that Sony flattering many does a same thing for PlayStation games.

Now, this isn’t Google’s initial try during creation games bucket faster. With ‘Google Play Instant,’ a association already offers a associated underline that allows gamers to immediately start a diversion from a Play Store. The thought there, though, is to totally do divided with a implement routine and give intensity players an event to try out a new diversion right away.

Like Play Instant, a new ‘play as we download’ underline is powered by Google’s Android App Bundle format, which is, for a many part, replacing a aged APK standard

Image Credits: Google

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