Published On: Tue, Oct 3rd, 2017

Analyst Says XB1X Is A Great Deal during $499; Predicts 4M Shipped Through 2018, 5M for PS4 Pro

Microsoft’s Xbox One X, or XB1X for short, is now a small over a month divided from being launched in stores.

Delivering a many absolute hardware ever seen among consoles so far, Microsoft is anticipating to make a hole into Sony’s care position in a console market. Can a XB1X do that?

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Lewis Ward, IDC Research Director for Gaming and VR/AR, was interviewed by GamesTM in their latest emanate (#191) as partial of a incomparable underline on a arriving console. He said:

No, a XB1X won’t be adequate for Microsoft to locate up. It should give PlayStation 4 Pro a run for a income in 2018 in a United States and a United Kingdom, however. I’m raised about 4 million XB1X consoles shipped from Q4 2017 by a finish of 2018, and about 5 million PlayStation 4 Pro consoles shipped in a same timeframe.

The approach shipments mangle down globally, however, that implies a really parsimonious competition in a United States and a United Kingdom.

Ward also suggested that IDC information points to both EA Access and Xbox Game Pass being utterly healthy on Xbox One.

Preliminary research of a Q3 2017 US gamer consult shows that about 20 per cent of Xbox One owners use one or both (EA Access and Xbox Game Pass). That’s a good insert rate in my book given that these services are still sincerely immature and aren’t cheap.

Perhaps a biggest jump for many business will be a Xbox One X’s high price. As we formerly said, though, a cost isn’t high during all when we demeanour during a specifications. Lewis Ward agrees with this sentiment.

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Well, they might good be losing income on a hardware out of a gate. Our member teardown suggested a sell cost of during slightest $600. So yes, it’s costly relations to normal home console norms, and yes, that will means some people not to buy it, though given a hardware specifications we consider $500 is a good deal.

The Xbox One X will launch in many countries on Nov 7th. Are we removing one? Let us know below!

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