Published On: Sat, Jun 17th, 2017

An Equity podcast shot: Unpacking a Amazon-Whole Foods deal

We’ve got an Equity Shot for you, an strange extra strike from a Equity podcast crew.

Today a large news is a intensity Amazon-Whole Foods deal, that has led to prevalent media speculation, vexed grocery bonds around a nation and allegations of intelligent corporate strategy.

It’s a arrange of day that army we to lay behind and re-cast your views of a record world. It final answers to questions like “Why is Amazon shopping a grocery store?” And if it creates sense, why?” That, of course, raises a final query: “If a because creates sense, will a cost of tomatoes go down?”

The answer to a final indicate is no, of course, so stop dreaming. But that we are saying a height wars not only bake on, though retrench in form as they allege in range seems incontrovertible.

Two of a common crew, a glorious Katie Roof and a matchless Matthew Lynley, were any out of a state, so we called adult a dear crony Jon Shieber to assistance us out.

Tune in, and let’s get this weekend started right.

(You can locate a frequently recorded, scheduled, and expelled part of Equity here. As always, we can find Equity on iTunes, and everywhere else we spin podcasts.)

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