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AMD EPYC 7000 Series Server CPU Specifications, Performance and Pricing Detailed – Up To 32 Cores, 2 TB Memory Support, 128 PCIe Lanes and 3.2 GHz Turbo Clocks

The specifications and opening numbers of AMD EPYC 7000 array processors for servers have leaked out over during Videocardz. The arriving lineup of Zeppelin formed EPYC CPUs will boat with adult to 32 cores and large I/O capabilities.

AMD EPYC 7000 Series Server Family Detailed – EPYC 7601 Flagship Processor Boasts 32 Cores, 64 Threads and 3.2 GHz Boost Clocks

The EPYC server processors were denounced during AMD’s Financial Analyst Day along with other tech announcements. The processor lineup is formed on a substructure of AMD’s Zen core, utilizing a multi-chip package design. The chip is formed on mixed Zeppelin dies that are fused with 8 Zen cores. AMD uses adult to 4 Zeppelin dies on their flagship 32 core, 64 thread processor and that offers some disruptive numbers in terms of core count, thread count and I/O.

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We will get behind to a facilities in a bit though before we do, let’s take a demeanour during a lineup itself. The AMD EPYC family will be branded as a “EPYC 7000” array and facilities 12 models. From a 12, usually 3 models are privately designed to be concordant for unaccompanied hollow solutions while a rest can work in 2P platforms.

The fastest of a EPYC 7000 array processor is a EPYC 7601 that comes with 32 cores and 64 threads. The time speeds are confirmed during 2.2 GHz bottom and 3.2 GHz boost frequencies. The TDP is confirmed during 180W that is what we are going to get on Ryzen Threadripper processors too. In a single-socket lineup, a fastest chip is EPYC 7551P that also has 32 cores and 64 threads. It’s clocked during 2.0 GHz bottom and 3.0 GHz boost and facilities a TDP of 180W.

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Both processors have 64.0 MB of L3 cache and underline AMD’s Infinity Fabric for faster chip to chip interconnect. The Infinity Fabric interconnect is a array of high-performance, scalable links that increases scaling in chips, providing some-more performance, improving product yields and shortening product cost. Rest of lineup is minute below:

AMD EPYC 7000 Series Server Lineup:

AMD EPYC 7000 Series Features, Performance and Platform Detailed

Coming to a height itself, EPYC will be shipping with processors that underline adult to 32 Zen cores as minute above. The height will support 8 memory channels and 128 lanes of high-bandwidth I/O. Each EPYC processor can support 16 DIMMs for adult to 2 TB memory support and a 2P or Dual hollow height will underline 64 cores, 4 TB memory support and 128 PCI Express lanes.

AMD is not usually going to take a quarrel to Intel in a unaccompanied hollow height though also aims to interrupt a 2 hollow market. An Epyc 1S height will be means to offer adult to 50 percent improved processor opening compared to an Intel 2S solution. It will also devour reduce power. Performance and pricing comparison of several AMD EPYC 7000 array processors contra a Broadwell-EP counterparts from Intel is supposing in a picture below, credits to Videocardz.

The benchmarks showcased by AMD are really considerable as EPYC is means to kick dual hollow Xeon configurations during identical or cheaper prices with improved potency and some-more I/O capabilities. All processors of a EPYC 7000 array smoke-stack uncover disruptive opening formula though it would be even improved if we had gotten a comparison with Skylake-SP that is a tangible aspirant to a Naples / EPYC platform.

AMD says that there’s a 14% advantage of cores per shelve that boat with their Naples height compared to Intel’s. On Intel, a unaccompanied shelve will include of 4704 cores while AMD’s Zen formed Naples Rack will boat with 5376 cores.

There’s also 14% advantage in VM (Virtual Machines) per socket. Memory bandwidth sees a 33% advantage as AMD has 8 channels while Intel’s Purley height is configured for 6 channels per socket. Intel height also supports 24 DIMMs while AMD can support adult to 32 DIMMs. AMD is also suggesting rarely rival cost to opening ratios on Naples processors that will give them a transparent corner in a craving market.

Upcoming Intel and AMD Server Platform Comparison:

The AMD EPYC array will contest with Intel’s Skylake-SP height in 2017 followed by Cascade Lake-SP in 2018. AMD has skeleton to deliver their Rome server lineup formed on a new Zen 2 cores after in 2018 that will underline a 48 core chip codenamed “Starship” as minute in an progressing leaked highway map. More sum on that here. AMD is approaching to recover their EPYC 7000 array line adult along with a Naples height on 20th of June.

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