Published On: Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

Amazon’s Souq acquires to enhance Prime-style same and next-day delivery

Earlier this year, Amazon jump-started a business in a Middle East by profitable $580 million to acquire, an Amazon-style marketplace formed out of Dubai. Today, Amazon and Souq are creation another merger to build out a logistics that will underpin that operation’s growth: Souq has acquired, a startup that is building out a network for Prime-style same-day and next-day deliveries for several e-commerce marketplaces (including

A orator for Souq pronounced that a financial terms of a understanding have not been disclosed, though we are perplexing to find out. Souq formerly done an undisclosed, vital investment in and had been operative together with a association to assistance it scale. In fact, given Wing was founded in 2016 by Muzaffar Karabaev, Souq had been a usually financier that it had ever disclosed, according to Crunchbase. had been operative with a series of other marketplaces in a region, and a association pronounced that it will continue to support these if they accommodate a smallest size. “Wing will continue to support smoothness use providers who control deliveries for some-more than 150 businesses via a region,” a orator said.

Souq currently is a biggest e-commerce marketplace in a segment — with 45 million online visitors per month; 8.4 million products in 31 categories like consumer electronics, fashion, health and beauty, domicile goods, and baby; and internal operations in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt — giving Amazon present marketplace share from day one of a operations there.

But as we have remarkable before, a Middle East is a comparatively immature marketplace for services like these, so there is a lot of room for expansion as good as competition. Only about dual percent of all sell spend currently is done online, according to a news from McKinsey.

Unsurprisingly, we’re saying some desirous investments being done in new online marketplaces as a result. And those investments extend to a smoothness aspect of online shopping, too: Mohammad Alabbar, a aristocrat and sell enterpreneur who is anticipating to give Amazon a run for a income in e-commerce, has corroborated logistics association Aramex.

“At, a business will sojourn a pivotal concentration and we will continue to broach an well-developed online selling experience,” said Ronaldo Mouchawar, CEO Co-Founder, in a statement. “Fast, constant smoothness is pivotal to this, and provides business with some-more preference for their same and subsequent day delivery. With Amazon’s support, we are putting all a efforts in providing an ever-improving selling knowledge for business in a Middle East.”

In that context, Souq and Amazon are selling into a startup that will assistance them stay forward in an area that has been one of Amazon’s normal strengths, logistics.’s fast-delivery network also potentially can assistance Amazon build out a Prime business into a region. Prime is Amazon’s a subscription-based use that provides giveaway and quick shipping to members on many opposite items, along with a garland of other perks like song and video services.

“The UAE is a heading e-commerce and intelligent heart in a region, and in this perfectionist business we work to fill a logistics supply gaps to offer business a glorious use they wish as quick as possible,” says Muzaffar Karabev, CEO and owner of, in a statement. “With a support of, Wing will accelerate investments into a technology, infrastructure and informal coverage to yield innovative smoothness solutions and to make online selling for business and merchants even some-more convenient.”

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