Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

Amazon’s Rekognition learns to theory your age

You know how aged we are. You know how aged your friends think we are. Heck, you even know how aged Microsoft thinks we are. But during a finish of a day, does anyone other than Amazon unequivocally matter?

Until now, a usually approach for we to know how aged Amazon suspicion we were was to demeanour during products endorsed to you. I apparently spent too most time researching sci-fi brief stories yesterday since those and an Echo are all Amazon thinks we need in life — bingo, Amazon unequivocally gets that I’m a tech-obsessed millennial.

But no longer will we have to rest on such passé techniques! The organisation behind Amazon’s Rekognition API forsaken a nifty underline currently that lets anyone upload their photos to get a company’s best theory of their age. Today happens to be my friend’s birthday, so we was extraordinary how Amazon’s apparatus compared opposite Microsoft’s and tellurian crowdsourcing.

First adult was Amazon — a web app pegged my crony during somewhere between 26 and 43. This was somewhat disappointing, given that he is extremely younger than 26. Though props for a 99.9 percent, roughly certainty, on gender and a further of “appears” subsequent to happy. I’d have to feign a grin too if someone told me we looked 43.

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-10-30-50-amDespite Amazon’s blunder, they still did improved than Microsoft during this game. Microsoft’s apparatus guessed my crony to be 30. Ouch.

Team tellurian did a best out of all three. After crowdsourcing among a sincerely pointless organisation of people, a accord was that a male in a design was 22 and a half. Still comparison than reality, though usually by 6 months.

Just in box it was a specific print we was regulating throwing everything off, we motionless to re-run all regulating a well-lit print of myself. Unfortunately, a same thing happened. This time Microsoft pronounced we was 27, that we theory is younger than my friend…so ha!

Try them all out for yourself here and here. Feel giveaway to share your indirect existential crisis.

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