Published On: Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

Amazon’s Prime Photos now works with Alexa on Fire TV

Amazon currently is rolling out a new knowledge for Prime Photos, a print backup and pity app, on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. With a update, we can now ask Alexa to arrangement your photos, including those saved to your several albums, photos taken on a certain day, week or month, those snapped during a sold location, or even those of specific people or things – like photos of your dog, for example.

The Prime Photos app comes pre-installed on Amazon devices, so there isn’t most we need to do in sequence to take advantage of this update.

After adding photos to Prime Photos by your smartphone app or desktop uploader, they’ll automatically seem in a Prime Photos app on Fire TV. You can afterwards use a Fire TV voice remote to arrangement your photos, possibly by date or album.

One of a facilities of Amazon’s print service, that is a perk for Prime members, is a group-sharing underline called “Family Vault.” This allows adult to 5 family members to minister photos to an manuscript they can all access.

You can now ask Alexa to arrangement those common photos on Fire TV with a elementary command: “show Family Vault photos.”

You can also tell her to play a slideshow of any album, or your whole print collection.

The Alexa voice hunt functionality can be used to lift adult photos from a sold time frame, too. For example, we can ask Alexa to “show my photos from final year,” “last week” or a sold month or day. You can ask to see photos of specific places, as well, like “all my Seattle photos,” or “photos from New York.”

Alexa can also lift adult photos of certain people. The mobile app has a facial approval underline that finds photos of a same chairman opposite your library, and groups them together. In a app, we tag these people by name to make acid for photos of them easier in a future. This is generally useful for relatives who wish a elementary approach to lift adult all a photos of their children, for example.

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If you’ve already labeled your family members and friends in a Prime Photos app, we can use a new voice hunt choice on Fire TV to collect those collections. To do so, only tell Alexa to “show photos of Julie,” or whoever it is that you’re searching.

Prime Photos is able of noticing objects and other things in your photos, too – like a dog, a ball, or your beach photos, nightfall photos, and more. Alexa can collect these sorts of photos when we ask – like “show all my photos of dogs.”

Amazon says a new photos knowledge is rolling out to all business on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, starting today. And if we occur to be an early adopter of a Echo Show device, we can ask Alexa to uncover your photos there, too.

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