Published On: Tue, Mar 21st, 2017

Amazon’s Music VP Steve Boom will tell TechCrunch Disrupt how a destiny sounds

Alexa voice control and Prime’s subscriber bottom have unexpected done Amazon a genuine contender in song alongside Spotify, Apple and YouTube. But can a streaming use attain as a perk bundled with giveaway two-day shipping?

At TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY discussion in May, we’ll ask a many aptly named executive in tech, Amazon’s VP of Music Steve Boom. Formerly a 10-year Yahoo worker who finished adult as an SVP before operative during plcae startup Loopt, Boom will plead a changeable dynamics of a digital song economy.

Will Amazon do for musicians what it did for book authors, democratizing entrance to an assembly peaceful to pay? And will streaming services have a same impact on record labels as they did on book stores, replacing a earthy placement channels with a available though frighteningly centralized repository of content?

How will voice control change song consumption? What differentiates Amazon Music? And will Amazon account strange audio calm a approach it produces shows for Prime Instant Video?

Get your tickets for Disrupt NY to hear Boom pronounce about how commerce and calm will intertwine.

Steve Boom joins a accumulation of all-star guests, that we can check out here.

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