Published On: Fri, Feb 23rd, 2018

Amazon’s latest Prime perk is giveaway shipping on the deals site Woot!

Eight years after Amazon snatched adult a daily deals site Woot!, a tradesman is now leveraging a site to offer as another perk for Prime members. Woot! this morning announced that it will start charity giveaway shipping on purchases from a site to all Amazon Prime members.

Woot!, that was founded in 2004, is no longer a domicile name it used to be behind when Amazon acquired it in 2010 for $110 million. At a time, a site had gained recognition for a gimmick of “one understanding per day,” that gathering engagement, trade and, of march sales, as quantities were limited.

Woot! was also obvious for a clarity of humor, that continues currently with a proclamation of a Prime deal. In it, a association writes: “YEP. YOU’RE WELCOME,” and afterwards deduction to quote a gorilla mascot, Mortimer.

In a years following Amazon’s acquisition, Woot! distanced itself from a one-deal-a-day format, and now facilities a accumulation of special deals, including several limited-time offers opposite categories like computers, electronics, home and sporting products and more.

However, it creates clarity that Amazon would move Woot! into a fold, given that roughly one-third of Woot!’s trade comes from, according to information from SimilarWeb, that also claims a site saw 16.8 million visits in January, 2018.

This is not a initial time Amazon has brought one of a subsidiaries into a Prime membership program. In Sep 2016, Amazon combined giveaway audiobooks and podcasts from Audible to a list of Prime perks, and a accumulation of upgrades and special facilities for gamers with a launch of Twitch Prime.

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