Published On: Mon, Nov 30th, 2015

Amazon’s Drone Video Is The Perfect Devious Holiday Ad Campaign

Amazon showed off a code new Amazon Prime Air video yesterday. While it’s engaging to see that a plan is still alive and relocating forward, we can’t assistance though consider that Amazon is perplexing to boost a holiday sales and open picture with Prime Air.

This isn’t a initial time Amazon has talked about a Prime Air project. The association expelled a initial video announcing a plan on Dec 1, 2013.

It was a Sunday after Thanksgiving, in other words, a delayed news day. Everyone lonesome a new Amazon drone. 60 Minutes interviewed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and showcased a device.

And yet, Amazon had no reason to speak about a worker during a time as it was still a work in swell — we don’t wish to give hints to your competitors. But it was a talent PR move. Millions of people were about to buy Christmas gifts, and unexpected your favorite newspapers, TV shows and amicable networks were all articulate about Amazon.

Guess what, Amazon did a accurate same thing this year. Yesterday was also a Sunday after Thanksgiving. It was also a delayed news day.

Coincidence? we consider not. Amazon is already one of a heading Black Friday retailers. But a association wants to constraint a mindshare in Dec as well.

And a summary is transparent — grouping on Amazon is like magic. You press a symbol and a little worker will fly to your doorstep in reduction than an hour.

We’re not there yet, though we can get a rather identical knowledge currently already. Ordering on Amazon is effortless. You can stay in your vital room, squeeze a inscription and emporium for all your relatives.

There’s also something new this year. Former Top Gear horde Jeremy Clarkson presented a worker demo. As a reminder, a strange contingent behind renouned U.K. TV uncover Top Gear are now operative on a new uncover for Amazon.

In box we didn’t know that Jeremy Clarkson will be behind on Amazon, now we know. Every essay presenting Amazon’s new video mentioned a reason because Clarkson was in an Amazon Prime Air video.

This is a crafty graduation move. Amazon is cross-promoting a products, improving a code picture by display that it isn’t only an e-commerce association and doing all of this but shopping TV spots.

Don’t get me wrong — we trust Amazon should work on worker smoothness as it is firm to occur and others are substantially operative on it. The association could also severely urge a margins by skipping UPS, DHL and all these logistics companies. And worker smoothness would severely urge a user knowledge as well. It’s a win-win-win.

I can’t wait to see Amazon’s improvements on a prolonged query to build a worker smoothness system. The association will positively share some-more sum subsequent year, around Thanksgiving subsequent year for example.

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