Published On: Mon, Jul 24th, 2017

Amazon’s discuss novella app Rapids ties adult with Amazon Studios with launch of ‘Signature Stories’

Today’s kids aren’t usually reading books. They’re also drumming and personification with interactive stories on tablets as preschoolers, afterwards delving into benefaction messaging-like discuss novella apps as teens. Amazon’s entrance in this space, Amazon Rapids, was announced late final year as a approach to pierce this impression of interactive novella to readers in a 5 to 12 age range.

The association some-more recently introduced a new module called “Signature Stories” that aims to make a stories some-more appealing by integrating characters from TV shows kids already know and love.

The pierce could assistance Amazon benefit belligerent in today’s increasingly opposition ‘chat fiction’ app market.

Adults might not have listened of them, though discuss reading apps are hugely renouned on a App Store, opposite age ranges. For example, a array one giveaway app in App Store’s “Books” difficulty during benefaction is discuss stories app Hooked, that is closely followed by opposition Yarn in mark #2, as good as Wattpad’s newer entrance in a space, Tap, during #9. Other discuss readers can also be found in a tip 20.

Amazon Rapids doesn’t seem in this section’s tip charts, however, since a association introduced a discuss reading app in a “Education” territory on a App Store instead. Likely, this was finished with a hopes that Rapids would improved mount out if it didn’t have to contest directly with a other discuss readers; plus, it helps to improved aim relatives looking for apps that don’t usually entertain, though also teach.

The Rapids subscription use allows kids to review along with a stories with discretionary audio, and daub on difference for assistance with diction or definitions, in further to drumming to exhibit any new line of impression dialog.

Rolled out usually forward of Comic-Con International final week, Amazon Rapids’ new Signature Stories module isn’t usually leveraging kids TV IP – like kids’ characters themselves – from a participating partners; it’s also bringing in luminary voice talent to recount a new stories.

However, a module during launch is usually rolling out with support from Amazon Studios, creation a whole bid some-more of a cross-promotion between Amazon properties, for a time being. But Amazon is withdrawal a doorway open to destiny partners who wish to find new ways to strech children in today’s digital age, where normal book-reading now has to contest with apps, games and other mobile content.

Amazon Studios’s new strange stories on Amazon Rapids underline characters from Amazon’s kids’ TV shows, including “Danger Eggs,” and “Niko and a Sword of Light.” The former includes a luminary voice talent of Aidy Bryant of Saturday Night Live, while a latter brings in Tom Kenny, who voices SpongeBob Squarepants.

These shows might not be a big-name kids’ brands that relatives are informed with – like Sesame Street, for example, or Disney – though presumption your domicile has Amazon Prime Video, there’s a good possibility your kids will know of them. (I know we do.)

The stories themselves are also authored by a shows’ writers, fluctuating a star introduced by a array in a healthy way.

While renouned kids’ TV shows have historically translated into other sell like dolls, toys, books, and more, discuss stories are something of a new limit for studios and programmers.

Despite discuss novella apps’ stream popularity, it’s misleading either communication stories will be a fad, or if it represents a new approach kids of a digital age will review for fun, in a longer term.

Amazon Rapids is a subscription service, that also includes a primogenitor dashboard where mom or father can check in on kids’ progress, as good as find information that will assistance them start conversations about what kids are reading. The use is accessible on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire inclination for $2.99 per month to start.

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