Published On: Thu, Dec 28th, 2017

Amazon updates Fire TV’s YouTube app to route users to a web browser instead

The argument between Amazon and Google continues currently with a early dismissal of YouTube from a Fire TV – a pierce Google had pronounced wouldn’t take place until Jan 1, 2018. But as a series of Fire TV owners have now noticed, rising a YouTube app currently informs we that we can select to watch “YouTube and millions of other websites” by regulating a web browser. You afterwards have a choice to select from Amazon’s possess Silk browser or Firefox, with a click of a button.

The disagreements between a companies that led to this consumer-unfriendly position go behind several years.

Google hasn’t been happy about Amazon’s anti-competitive inlet when it comes to permitting rivals to sell their possess hardware equipment – like intelligent speakers and media players – on The tradesman has prolonged refused to batch inclination that competed with a possess – like Apple TV, Chromecast, Google Home, and others – in an bid to foster Amazon products like Echo speakers and Fire TV.

However, Amazon and Apple recently negotiated an agreement that brought a Apple TV behind to Amazon, and Amazon’s Prime Video app to Apple TV.

Meanwhile, it seemed discussions between Amazon and Google were improving progressing this month when a Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra reappeared on (They’re still arrangement as “currently unavailable,” however.)

The other emanate during palm was that Amazon had launched a possess chronicle of Google’s YouTube actor for a Echo Show device, yet operative with Google to safeguard core facilities were accessible. There’s been utterly a bit of behind and onward on this matter, with Google pulling that player, usually to have Amazon secretly work around a retard by implementing a web chronicle of YouTube instead.

That led Google this month to announce that it would pull YouTube entirely from Amazon’s hardware lineup, including Fire TV. The actor was yanked immediately from Echo Show, yet Fire TV owners were told that a app would work until Jan 1, 2018.

It would be surprising for Google to indeed lift a YouTube app forward of a deadline, that indicates this change – to indicate YouTube users to web browsers instead – might have come from Amazon’s side.

That speculation is serve corroborated adult by a fact that sideloading a YouTube app onto Fire TV will continue to arrangement a “warning” message, according to a news from and commenters on Reddit.

Above: Warning screen; Image credit –

However, it’s misleading if Amazon’s choice to route YouTube users to web browsers forward of news is entirely rolled out. One news from Cord Cutter News said you’ll usually see a browser choice shade if we have a browser commissioned on your Fire TV, for example. (Update: a decompilation of a app’s code, though, indicates a app has been altered to usually indicate to a web browser – no matter if we have one commissioned or not.)

On dual Fire TV inclination we have here (a before era and new era player), we’re usually saying a browser choice shade as of today. And many users worldwide are stating a same, per Twitter.

We’ve reached out to Amazon and Google for comment. Google has not responded, yet a repute from Amazon offering a following statement:

“I can endorse that YouTube and millions of other websites are permitted by regulating a web browser like Firefox or Silk on Fire TV.”

With all this drama, is it any consternation that Roku is a tip streaming device in a U.S.?

Consumers don’t wish to be jerked around like this all since dual competitors can’t work out a reasonable resolution that serves both their interests. At a finish of a day, Amazon and Google usually spiteful themselves by alienating their overlapping patron bottom – a organisation that simply could (and substantially should) switch to Roku during this point.

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