Published On: Tue, Jul 28th, 2020

Amazon revamps the Alexa app to concentration on first-party features, some-more personalization

After rising a series of new developer collection for Alexa final week, Amazon now is introducing an updated chronicle of a Alexa mobile app for consumers. The new app aims to offer a some-more personalized experience, quite on users’ home screens, and offers some-more instructions on how and when consumers can use a digital assistant, among other changes. Notably, a app has changed a third-party ability suggestions off a categorical screen, to boost concentration on how consumers are indeed regulating Alexa.

The redesign offers an updated home screen, with a vast Alexa symbol now during a tip informing users they can possibly daub or contend “Alexa” to get started.

Image Credits: Amazon

This is followed by a list of personalized suggestions formed on what consumers’ use of a app indicates is critical to them — either that’s reminders, a recently played object like their song or an Audible book, entrance to their selling list and so on.

Users might also see controls for facilities that are frequently accessed or now active, like a volume turn for their Echo devices, so they can collect adult where they left off, Amazon says. It’s value observant that these Echo inclination could embody Echo Buds, Amazon’s Alexa-powered wireless earbuds, that could be pivotal to a skeleton of enabling Alexa’s newly announced capabilities for determining mobile apps.

For first-time users, a Alexa app will offer some-more tips on what to do on mobile. For instance, new users might see suggestions about personification songs with Amazon Music or prompts to conduct their Alexa Shopping List.

Meanwhile, a app’s modernized facilities — like Reminders, Routines, Skills and Settings — have been relocated underneath a “More” symbol as partial of a redesign.

The changes don’t indispensably meant Amazon has decluttered a Alexa home screen, however.

Because a refurbish changed a Alexa symbol to a tip of a screen, it has left room in a navigation bar for a new button: “Play,” that encourages media playback.

The revamp also suggests that Alexa’s dedicated app hasn’t accurately found a honeyed mark to turn partial of users’ daily lives.

Before, a app had featured a date and continue during a tip of a shade — an denote that Amazon had hoped a app would be something of a daily dashboard. (See below). Now, a association seems to know that users will launch a app when they wish to do something Alexa-specific. That’s because it’s creation it easier to get to new actions, so they can effectively collect adult where they left off on whatever they were doing on their Echo intelligent speaker, for example.

Image Credits: Current Alexa app, screenshot around TechCrunch

In addition, a new app particularly deprioritizes Alexa’s third-party voice apps (aka “skills”), that have not nonetheless developed into an app ecosystem to opposition a mobile counterparts, like a Apple App Store for iOS apps or Google Play. Studies have indicated a vast series of Alexa skills weren’t being used, and as a result, a gait of new skills releases has slowed.

Instead of showcasing renouned skills on a home screen, as before, a app’s “Skills Games” territory has been shuffled off to a “More” tab. Amazon’s first-party experiences, like shopping, media playback and communications, now take adult this essential home shade genuine estate.

Amazon says a new app is rolling out worldwide over a month forward on iOS, Android and Fire OS devices. By late August, all users should be migrated to a new experience.

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