Published On: Thu, Jul 15th, 2021

Amazon launches the mobile-first Kindle Vella serialized story platform

As it promised last month, Amazon has launched its serialized novella Kindle Vella store that lets we clear episodic, self-published stories around in-app purchases. The new height is a approach for readers to learn new novella and a new approach for authors to beget income from a Kindle Direct Publishing service.

While a name competence advise otherwise, Kindle Vella isn’t accessible on Amazon’s Kindle e-readers. Rather, you’ll usually find it on or a Kindle iOS app (no Android for now). To start with, a use will be singular to US-based authors who tell stories in English.

The serialized stories will run from 600 to 5,000 difference per episode, with a initial 3 offering for free. To see successive episodes, you’ll need to compensate for “tokens,” with prices trimming from $2 for 200 tokens adult to $15 for 1,700 tokens. The latter will give we about 34 episodes, yet prices per part count on a word count — a some-more words, a some-more you’ll have to spend.

Authors, meanwhile, will accept 50 percent of a income along with bonuses formed on rendezvous with a app’s amicable media-style features. To that end, readers can follow stories to be told of new episodes, leave a thumbs adult for episodes they like, request a “Fave” for their favorite story of a week (provided they squeeze tokens), and share on Twitter, Facebook and other amicable media. To boost engagement, authors can pronounce directly to readers during a finish of episodes to “share story insights and behind-the-scenes content,” Amazon wrote.

Since Amazon non-stop Vella to authors 3 months ago, “thousands of authors” have published “tens of thousands of Kindle Vella episodes opposite dozens of genres and microgenre,” Amazon said. Authors seem to be meddlesome as well. “I’ve published tighten to 30 novels, and I’m enjoying a journey of writing The Marriage Auction in this new format,” pronounced bestselling author Audrey Carlan in a statement. Whether or not a format takes off now depends on readers — to try it out, we can entrance Vella here.

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