Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Amazon launched a million things currently though all we wish is a new Kindle

Amazon launched so most new things currently that we can’t even remember what they all are (there might’ve been a fish in there, even), though there was a vivid repudiation in a line-up of reveals: The Kindle. Amazon’s e-reader has a prolonged and successful lane record, with any unbroken indication and iteration bringing some good changes to a table, though a final large change came out in June, and a one that we loved, a Oasis, was expelled final April.

Typically Amazon has brought out a new chronicle of a Kindle hardware during slightest once per calendar year, and mostly it’ll recover updates mid-year that embody spec bumps, or neat market-specific facilities like final October’s Paperwhite 3 “Manga Model” for Japan. So distant in 2017, however, we’ve been left high and dry in terms of e-ink products from Amazon, while a Echo has been lavished with courtesy and put out in so many variations that there’s indeed one focused essentially on character and fashion, and one that watches we from your bedside.

When we listened that Amazon was going to have an eventuality today, and that this eventuality would expected underline a operation of product introductions, we rejoiced: Surely, somewhere in all a stupidity and concentration on putting Alexa in cars and ridicule diversion trophies, we’d get a curtsy to a Kindle — maybe only a new Paperwhite, maybe with some H2O insurgency or even only a common refurbish in page-turn modernise speed.

Instead, we got Echo Buttons. We got a device that adds intelligent connectivity to a customary old-school landline. But we did not get any stately e-paper wondrousness, a likes of that Amazon alone can provide.

There’s still time: We’ve got a few months left of holiday selling and people adore receiving Kindles, Amazon. Darrell, in particular, loves receiving Kindles as gifts from desired ones in particular. Don’t hurt Darrell’s Christmas, Amazon. Why would we do that.

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