Published On: Mon, Aug 14th, 2017

Amazon kills the European DVD let biz, Lovefilm

Amazon is removing out of a DVD let business with a closure of Lovefilm, a supposed “Netflix of Europe” that Amazon bought in 2011 for a reported $312 million valuation. The company, that operates in a U.K. and Germany, is a subscription use that lets consumers lease DVDs that are sent out by mail – identical to Netflix’s strange business indication before it became a streaming powerhouse it is today.

According to Amazon, however, DVD rentals by mail are no longer in demand.

“Over a final few years we’ve seen a dwindling direct for Blu-ray and DVD let as business increasingly pierce to streaming,” Amazon explained in an proclamation posted to a website, detailing Lovefilm’s closure.

The association says it will close down a “Lovefilm By Post” use on Oct 31, 2017, as a result. Customers won’t be billed for a final month, either, Amazon says.

The association also points to Amazon Prime Video as an choice going forward, and even offers Lovefilm subscribers a £15 bonus on a new Fire TV Stick, holding it down to £24.99. (A formula that provides a bonus is emailed during checkout from a page at

Amazon is formulation to transition Lovefilm’s staff – there are around 50 people there, Variety reports – to new roles during a company, instead of vouchsafing them go.

It’s not startling that Lovefilm By Post is shutting down. Streaming is fast eating divided during a series of business meddlesome in “renting” cinema by mail.

Though Netflix, too, still operates a DVD business, a numbers are dropping. There are some 4 million-plus DVD business left, and they even have their possess app for handling their let queue. But it’s streaming that’s saying expansion – with Netflix violence attention expectations for a final dual quarters, adding 5.2 million new business in a final quarter, typically a weakest. The association now expects 108.3 million subscribers by a finish of a stream entertain in September.

Amazon’s Lovefilm does not share a numbers, though during a rise it had some 3 million subscribers opposite both a DVD business and streaming arm, Lovefilm Instant – that was integrated into Amazon Prime Video several years back.

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