Published On: Wed, Jul 7th, 2021

Amazon is now offered a possess COVID-19 exam kits for $39.99 in a U.S.

Amazon announced this morning it would start to sell a possess code of COVID-19 at-home tests to Amazon shoppers in a U.S. The exam retails for $39.99 on a website and is accessible to any U.S. patron but a prescription. The COVID-19 PCR collection pack is shipped to a customer’s home around Amazon Prime, charity all indispensable to perform a nasal swab. Customers will afterwards lapse a collection tube with a bandage inside around a enclosed lapse box. Amazon says it will be means to yield formula within 24 hours of receiving a representation during a lab.

The collection pack will be processed by Amazon’s in-house laboratory, that a association combined during a pestilence as partial of a in-house COVID-19 contrast module for a frontline workers. To date, Amazon’s labs in a U.S. and U.K. have processed millions of tests from over 750,000 of a employees, a association says. With a new at-home kit, Amazon is expanding a U.S. lab’s capabilities to a sell shoppers.

Amazon says it’s regulating a some-more accurate PT-PCR method, that means we will have to wait for a lab to routine your results. It also records a kits have perceived Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from a U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Image Credits: Amazon

According to a inventory for a new Amazon COVID-19 Test Collection Kit DTC, a pack will embody a swab, a collection tube with saline, a cosmetic bag with an absorbent pad, and a lapse box with shipping label. The lapse shipping is rubbed by UPS during no additional assign to a customer, and is sent to Amazon’s CAP accredited and CLIA-certified lab in Hebron, Ky. 

The pack additionally includes instructions on how to get your formula around Amazon’s secure website,, and entrance to papers indispensable for contrast verification. These tests will accommodate any mandate for contrast when roving within a U.S. (except Hawaii), and when roving from a U.S. to many general locations, Amazon says. And a kits are FSA and HSA eligible.

“Even as COVID-19 vaccinations continue, widespread entrance to arguable and affordable COVID-19 contrast stays a vicious apparatus in a quarrel opposite a widespread of a virus, pronounced Cem Sibay, a Amazon VP streamer a company’s COVID-19 contrast work. “The Amazon collection pack offers business a preference they’ve come to design from by providing entrance to COVID-19 contrast whenever and wherever they need it. The exam collection pack provides rarely accurate and timely results, assisting business feel some-more assured as they safely lapse to travel, work, college, and daily life,” Sibay added.


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