Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Amazon is now vouchsafing Indians review repository articles in the selling app

Amazon, in a ever-growing enterprise to turn a super app in India, is contrast a new difficulty to convince users to spend some-more time on a selling service: Feature articles.

The American e-commerce hulk has sensitively launched “Featured Articles” on a selling app and website in India that showcases underline articles, explanation and research on a wide-range of topics including politics, governance, entertainment, sports, business, finance, health, fitness, books and food. The articles are sourced from several vast internal media houses and magazines.

Some of these articles are “exclusively” accessible on Amazon, a association says on a website. To expostulate engagement, Amazon is also promulgation notifications to some Kindle users.

Image Credits: Himanshu Gupta

The latest addition, that was speckled and common with TechCrunch by Himanshu Gupta, comes days after Amazon launched a giveaway video streaming use within a selling app in a South Asian nation.

An Amazon orator reliable a new underline to TechCrunch, adding, “we sojourn focused on formulating new and enchanting practice for a business and as partial of this endeavour, we have been contrast a new use that brings articles on opposite topics like stream affairs, books, business, entertainment, sports and lifestyle among others for readers.”

This isn’t a initial time Amazon has explored integrating some reading element to a selling use in India. In 2018, Amazon India started to underline some tool reviews and listicles, sourced from internal media houses.

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