Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Amazon introduces Echo Buttons for at-home trivia games regulating Alexa

Along with a new Echo and a garland of combined Alexa functionality, Amazon showed off a fun new square of hardware during today’s event: Echo Buttons. Available during $19 for a dual pack, a new products are a bizarre further to a existent line, that mostly facilities several iterations of a customary Echo.

The product might good have additional functionality relocating forward, though for a time being, it has one primary use: trivia games. The small, colored spheres offer as diversion uncover buzzers, drumming into Amazon’s new Gadgets API to yield during home, voice tranquil trivia games. They demeanour like Amazon took a page out of 1980s Milton Bradley’s playbook.

But games, and in particular, trivia games, have been some of Alexa’s top-performing skills to date. In fact, when Amazon began doling out money payments to Alexa ability developers in May, it primarily usually rewarded diversion developers and those building trivia games. At a time, a association explained a preference by observant that diversion skills represented “some of a many enchanting practice on Alexa.” Only final month did it enhance remuneration to other categories.

Moving forward, it’s easy to see how one of these inclination could be used as, say, a elementary one-button intelligent home control. Still, it’s a bit of an peculiar pierce for Amazon that seems to be some-more about display off a farrago of Alexa and assisting inspire growth of third-party products featuring a company’s intelligent assistant.

Is this a start of bizarre non-Echo products from Amazon? My theory is substantially not. The product seems some-more like some Amazon staff member’s one-off pet plan that somehow done it into product. Though during $19 for a two-pack, it could be a fun stocking stuffer.

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