Published On: Wed, Oct 11th, 2017

Amazon introduces a waterproof Kindle Oasis with a seven-inch shade and Audible playback

We had some teenager heart palpitations a other week when Amazon skipped a Kindle during a torrent of product announcements. But have no fear, a association insists that it’s still committed to a hardware roots — after all (and we was overtly a bit astounded during this revelation), this past Prime Day was apparently a best charity day for Kindles in a U.S. and a world. The Kindle trip was due to a fact that a “event was focused on Alexa.”

The association is celebrating a line’s arriving 10th anniversary (November 19) a month or so early with an refurbish to a high-end Kindle Oasis. The new Kindle is a initial to get waterproofing, rating during IP8 for trips to a beach and bath cylinder reading (a underline Kobo has charity for a integrate of generations now). It also brings Audible playback directly to a device pleasantness of Bluetooth audio.

The ascent comes roughly a year-and-a-half after a initial Oasis noted a company’s recommitment to a line. As a many reward Kindle reader, a device is targeted during a comparatively slight rope of consumers — those who wish an radically single-function device with a reward build. And are peaceful to compensate for it. The new Oasis starts during $249 and goes adult from there.

That cost gets we a company’s top fortitude shade (300 PPI), this time in a seven-inch form factor. That’s a full in. incomparable than a default e-reader shade distance a association clearly staid on generations ago. Sure, it’s flirted with incomparable screens, many particularly with a large Kindle DX, yet 6 inches has always been a honeyed mark for both Amazon and many of a competition.

Of course, a perks of a incomparable shade are flattering transparent right off a bat. You get 30 percent some-more content on a page during a time, that means fewer page turns. It also has a noted advantage when attempting to review image-heavy works, like comics, on a thing (though comics on an e-reader is still a large no-go, as distant as I’m concerned). The downside is equally apparent: a incomparable footprint.

Though Amazon assures me that, interjection to a relations thinness of a device, it’s managed to keep it tiny adequate to trip into a pockets on a span of pants. That’s always been a arrange of benchmark for these products — of course, your particular formula will vary, formed on either or not we live in Williamsburg.

The incomparable aspect area also means a battery has some-more space to widespread out — yet a association has once again motionless to go with that unsightly battery strike on a back. Concentrating a battery in one mark means a weight isn’t unequivocally uniformly distributed, yet it’s positioned so many of a heft rests in a hand, with a battery mouth providing a mark where a reader can rest their hands.

The shade is also a brightest Amazon’s charity up. There are 12 LEDs on-board contra 10 in a final version, charity adult a some-more uniform front lighting. The potion is also a strongest a association has charity adult — it’s a exclusive homogeneous to Gorilla Glass, according to Amazon. All tiny yet good touches one would design from a company’s many reward reader.

The earthy page spin buttons are back, too — honestly, that’s a thing that substantially vehement me a many about a strange Oasis. Again, it’s a tiny thing, yet we unequivocally missed that underline once Barnes Noble stopped producing a Nook. The device also facilities an on-board accelerometer, so it automatically switches course formed on how it’s being hold — that’s good news for maladroit readers. It also means we can review with a plane orientation, yet that’s substantially of singular appeal.

Audible playback comes pleasantness of on-board Bluetooth. Amazon will also be adding a underline to comparison Kindles that have wireless connectivity for accessibility reasons, yet a new Oasis is removing it first. Users who buy books as a text/audio gold will be means to use a feature, that uses reading speed to calculate where we left off and switches to that mark in a audiobook title.

There are small tweaks to a software, as well, including some-more rise distance gradations and a ability to confidant any font. Text fixing can also be practiced for a “ragged” right side, definition a content is spaced out to keep a margins good and tidy. The new Oasis supports Amazon’s exclusive files, along with TXT, PDF, MOBI and PRC. That’s a bummer for someone like me who uses a lot of EPUB files — yet no warn that Amazon’s gripping that on lockdown here, given a significance of a store.

Also, as ever, there’s no expandable memory present, yet on-board has been doubled to 8GB and a reader goes adult to 32GB. The enlargement comes since internal storage for Audible files changes a math on ability considerably. The charging pier is still microUSB, yet quick charging means a full assign in dual hours. That amounts to about 6 weeks — dual weeks down from a final Oasis, yet that’s still a lot of reading.

The new Oasis is adult for pre-order currently and starts shipping on Halloween. Pricing starts during $249, with a LTE-enabled, 32GB chronicle using an additional $100.

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