Published On: Tue, Feb 14th, 2017

Amazon hints during Prime sales in latest filing

Amazon Prime has driven expansion for a e-commerce association for years now. But Amazon has traditionally been heedful about disclosing too many sum regarding the popular service. In a 10-K filing summarizing opening via 2016, a business did something that drew a courtesy of Wall Street analysts. It designated a difficulty entitled “retail subscription services” that refers, in part, to Prime.

For 2016, Amazon reported roughly $6.4 billion in sales from sell subscription services. To put that in perspective, Prime sales alone surpass the whole e-commerce sales of Macy’s, The Home Depot and Best Buy. That figure represents 43 percent expansion over final year’s ~$4.5 billion. Prime’s eager expansion gives AWS, Amazon’s favorite child and source of Wall Street optimism, a run for a income — that’s no tiny feat.


The number that everybody wants to lift from a sales reported is sum Prime customers. Amazon records in a filing that a sell subscription services difficulty broadly includes, “annual and monthly fees compared with Amazon Prime membership, as good as audiobook, e-book, digital video, digital music, and other subscription services.” So step one is separating Prime sales from other sell subscription sales.

Business Insider cites a news by Morgan Stanley’s researcher Brian Nowak that roughly pegs there to be 65 million Prime members worldwide. Nowak’s guess assumes both that $88 is the average cost paid for Prime, per user, opposite all markets and that 90 percent of sales for a respective category outcome from Prime.

I roughly sketched my possess indication on an bureau whiteboard and finished adult with a subscription series usually over 70 million, expected a outcome of weighting Amazon invasion in Asia some-more heavily. we also consider it competence not be inexhaustible adequate to assume that 90 percent of sell subscription income comes from Prime.

Somewhat old-fashioned estimates of Amazon song subscriptions prove that usually a few million users have subscribed to a service, which, trimming from $48 to $180 per year, doesn’t utterly comment for 10 percent of sales — yet things get some-more difficult when we supplement in other subscription services, so it’s tough to contend for sure.

Aside from all a Prime drama, Amazon also remarkable that it poured $103 million into acquisitions in 2016. That series is comparatively tiny with honour to a activity final year that totaled $690 million. Small acquisitions like don’t utterly run adult numbers like Twitch or Zappos.

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