Published On: Fri, Jul 28th, 2017

Amazon gets into boots and handbags with the new private conform tag ‘The Fix’

Amazon is again expanding a participation in a conform attention with this week’s launch of nonetheless another private tag brand, The Fix. The new tag for Prime members is directed during women and facilities boots and handbags desirous by engineer trends, though accessible during ignored prices.

Unlike engineer collections, The Fix will recover new styles on a monthly – not anniversary – basis. This sped adult report gives Amazon a ability to immediately follow on trends that are resonating with shoppers.

The label’s launch was lonesome this week by WWD, Business Insider, FootWearNews (via CNBC), and others.

To select equipment for The Fix, Amazon’s editors hunt opposite a marketplace for new and renouned items, afterwards offer identical styles during lowered prices, when compared with designers’ items.

The Fix’s Handbags will start during $49 and boots will start during $69, in a entrance collection.

At launch, shoppers will find satin slides, colorful sneakers, studded flats, colorful mules, and floral-embellished boots, pronounced FootWearNews, in describing a new collection’s initial products. There are 45 SKUs now appearing on The Fix’s page, with some boots as high as $99 and some bags costing as most as $119.

There’s even a knock-off Birkenstock – we know, a sandal builder that pulled a products off Amazon final year. Amazon now sources a boots from third-parties – a pierce that has enraged Birkenstock USA arch exec David Kahan, who threatened Birkenstock would tighten down retailers reselling their shoes. Kahan also pronounced he was deliberation authorised movement opposite Amazon.


The Fix is now one of a vast and flourishing list of in-house conform labels during Amazon.

Today, a tradesman also offers women’s attire underneath brands like James Erin, Lark Ro, North Eleven, Society New York, Ella Moon, Paris Sunday; insinuate attire brand Mae; simple tees, shirts, shorts, pants and intimates for organisation and women under Amazon Essentials; men’s attire and boots underneath brands like Franklin Freeman, Franklin Tailored, Buttoned Down, and Goodthreads; and children’s wardrobe underneath the Scout + Ro brand.

Some of a brands are usually accessible to Prime subscribers, charity consumers another inducement to join a annual membership program, whose perks currently operation distant over only free, two-day shipping.

The Fix is now a partial of this Prime-only group.

However, The Fix isn’t Amazon’s initial entrance into a handbags space – Amazon’s women’s workwear line Society New York also has a few in a collection. But it is a initial time Amazon has launched a collection that’s only focused on women’s boots and handbags, not clothing.

The launch comes during a time when Amazon is scheming to hurl out a possess Stitch Fix competitor, Amazon Prime Wardrobe, presumably forward of Stitch Fix’s approaching IPO. But distinct Stitch Fix, that uses stylists to curate boxes shipped monthly, Prime Wardrobe instead will concede shoppers to fill boxes with garments and boots and other equipment for home try-on. Those equipment they don’t like can afterwards be simply returned.

It’s easy to see how Amazon could after foster a possess brands for use with a Prime Wardrobe service, now that it has a possess attire collections – from infrequent to workwear to grave – and with The Fix, accessories, too.

Amazon also this year was awarded a obvious for a new on-demand attire production complement that could siphon out products in 5 days. And it launched a Echo Look, a intelligent device with a camera for gnawing photos of your outfits, that could give Amazon a new source of information about what people are indeed wearing.

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