Published On: Fri, Jun 22nd, 2018

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited finally lands on Apple’s App Store

Five and half years after it launched, one of a some-more renouned apps for kids’ reading and party has finally arrived on a iOS. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, a e-commerce giant’s subscription use for children 3-12 that gives total entrance to 10,000 books, cinema and TV shows for $2.99 per month for adult to 4 users opposite tablets, phones, e-readers, and intelligent speakers, is now accessible on a App Store.

Apple is compelling a new app during a impulse on a home page of a App Store, where a reader saw it and flagged it to us.

“We launch new products and facilities as they’re ready,” an Amazon orator said. “We’re vehement to pierce the FreeTime Unlimited knowledge to iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.”

FreeTime Unlimited is already accessible on Amazon inclination and on Android. Now, when users pointer adult for a subscription on any one platform, they can use it opposite all of them — either it be a Fire tablet, a Fire Kids Edition tablet, concordant Android phones and tablets, or concordant Echo devices.

The pierce is a poignant one both for Apple and Amazon. At a time when other media companies are rising kid-friendly versions of their services that pierce in some-more parental controls and improved filters to assistance retard out calm that is inapt for immature ones, FreeTime Unlimited has proven to be one of a many renouned kids-focused party apps of them all — calm includes video from Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, PBS Kids, National Geographic and Amazon Originals for Kids — and nonetheless it wasn’t accessible on one of a many renouned (and good reviewed) tablets used by children.

While Amazon primarily kept it as an Amazon-only product for a early years — as a approach of pushing some-more sales to a possess hardware — final year it finally launched a chronicle for Android devices, though it’s taken over a year some-more to finally pierce it to iPhone and iPad devices.

One of a reasons for this could be a ongoing onslaught between Amazon and Apple. In some regards, a dual are interrelated companies: Amazon ships a lot of Apple products, and iOS is a really clever height for Amazon in terms of online sales, for example.

But in others — such as in hardware, increasingly online party and “owning” customers, and for talent to build a products — a dual are rivals. Apple, for one, has not authorised apps on a iOS height to capacitate Amazon book purchases directly from their apps, and Amazon doesn’t sell books and cinema from a possess app to equivocate Apple’s cut. So it’s not startling to see Amazon also check certain calm and facilities from a Apple height in some kind of tit-for-tat.

I’m guessing those skirmishes will go on for a prolonged time to come, though for now, iPad and iPhone users will have a small some-more Amazon than they did before on their devices. Why now? It could be that Amazon felt that user expansion was tailing off on a other platforms, so now is a good time to boost with new availability.

It’s also expected shabby by Apple’s increasing courtesy to parental control facilities on iOS, that might have some relatives feel like they have adequate options to close down their kids’ inclination while still permitting them entrance to some-more rational and educational content. That could extent a interest for a subscription use like Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited. But iOS 12 – that includes a new parental controls – doesn’t launch to a open until after this fall. That gives Amazon time to attract users to a possess use in a meantime.

As with a existent chronicle of FreeTime Unlimited, a app is divided into age groups and will have parental controls by approach of a Amazon Parent Dashboard, as good as Discussion Cards that give them articulate points about a work and summaries of what a kids are watching.

There might be variations formed on geographies, though in a US a calm will embody films like Frozen, Moana, Star Wars, and Inside Out; TV shows like Sesame Street, Arthur, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood from PBS; Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, and Dora a Explorer from Nickelodeon; Marvel comics including Spider-man, a Avengers, and Captain America; and Amazon Originals such as Just Add Magic, The Kicks, Thunderbirds are Go, Creative Galaxy, and Tumble Leaf.

One obstacle to a iOS doing of FreeTime Unlimited is that, distinct on Amazon’s possess tablets, we can’t configure FreeTime Unlimited to totally reskin a device’s user interface to keep kids sealed into a experience. Apple simply doesn’t concede third-party apps to have that spin of control. Instead, FreeTime Unlimited works like any other app – we can launch it and exit during any time.

As with other apps, subscribing to FreeTime Unlimited will come around a user’s iTunes comment (and so Apple will get a cut) and will get automatically renewed until we spin off a auto-renewal 24 hours before a renovation date. There is also a giveaway 30-day trial.

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