Published On: Fri, Dec 16th, 2016

Amazon Fire TV’s new demeanour arrives today

Ready for your Fire TV to get a makeover? Amazon says it will currently start to hurl out an refurbish that will move new user interface, described as a “more cinematic experience” to Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The revamped interface, that creates Fire TV demeanour some-more like Netflix, was previewed progressing this fall, when Amazon expelled a latest Fire TV Stick. 

Where before, navigation was off to a left side of a screen, it’s now during a top. This gives Amazon some-more room to uncover off things like video trailers and still images from a shows and films it’s featuring.

The interface takes advantage of this new blueprint to showcase Amazon’s content during a tip of a screen, where it will stagger by video snippets for name titles and apps, says a company.

Like Netflix, there are also rows of thumbnails we can corkscrew by when you’re browsing for something to watch. However, with Fire TV we can indeed take control of one of those rows for yourself. The “Your Apps Games” quarrel on a homescreen can be customized regulating your remote, so we can file a calm to embody your favorite apps.


In further to a softened user interface, a refurbish is mostly focused on personalization, a vital bridgehead for all streaming services and streaming media players today. One of a some-more engaging things Amazon is doing here is pulling in calm from third parties like HBO and Netflix, so we can see those companies’ recommendations right on a Fire TV homescreen. Amazon is even giving any of these their possess quarrel in a new interface.

That’s not to contend a association isn’t going to foster a possess content, when it can. Its titles will still be shown in complicated revolution during a tip of a screen, and it’s also creation Amazon Music, Prime Photos, and Amazon FreeTime pre-installed applications. You can find these in a “Your Apps Games” territory going forward.

The refurbish includes a few other teenager improvements, too, like a choice to PIN strengthen apps in a parental controls and accessibility enhancements for business with conference or visible impairments.

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