Published On: Thu, Mar 4th, 2021

Amazon Fire TV expands live TV features, adds Alexa support for live content

Amazon is rolling out a new knowledge for a Fire TV height that puts some-more concentration on subscription-free streaming and other live content. The association currently announced several new services are being integrated into a apartment of Live features, including Xumo and a possess IMDb TV and Amazon news app. The association also shortly skeleton to supplement Plex, it notes.

All 4 of a services are accessible for giveaway with ads and don’t need a subscription, Amazon says. These channels and their calm will seem in Fire TV’s Live add-on in a “On Now” rows, as good as in a Universal Channel Guide on a Fire TV app.

With a additions, Amazon says there are now over 400 live streaming channels from opposite 20 providers that can be accessed from Fire TV’s live channel beam — including services like YouTube TV, Sling TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, Philo, Prime Video Channels, Prime Video Live Events (like Thursday Night Football) and more.

Amazon also records that some-more than 200 of those channels are accessible for giveaway with ads and don’t need a subscription to watch.

Free, live streaming calm is apropos a bridgehead for both Amazon and Roku, a tip dual streaming media platforms in a U.S. But they’re holding opposite approaches to a format.

Amazon’s territory showcasing free, live calm has spin some-more of a partial of a altogether Fire TV interface, instead of a apart channel we have to launch. This speaks to Amazon’s pattern truth with Fire TV, whose interface mostly resembles that of a streaming service.

“We’ve always taken a content-forward proceed when conceptualizing Fire TV. When we spin on your TV, you’re going to see shows, cinema and sports — not only rows of apps,” pronounced VP and GM of Amazon Fire TV Sandeep Gupta. “This truth extends to a proceed to live content. We’re stability to deposit heavily in Live TV and so are a calm partners. We’re expanding that currently with a further of new integrations, Alexa capabilities and extended calm find mechanisms,” he added.

Meanwhile, Roku offers a possess heart with always-on giveaway cinema and TV shows, called The Roku Channel, that helps to offer as a starting indicate for cord cutters who are looking for something to watch after they’ve ditched normal compensate TV. But distinct Fire TV, Roku’s pattern is, in fact, “rows of apps.” This creates a interface elementary to use and reduction cluttered — something many people seem to prefer. Here, The Roku Channel is only another app to launch, not a partial of a Roku interface.

Roku also creates The Roku Channel accessible online and as a standalone mobile app, only like other giveaway streaming services. This week, it integrated many of The Roku Channel’s giveaway calm with a categorical website, in sequence to strech some-more consumers.

Separately, Fire TV offers a possess app, though boundary itself to live content, not on-demand, ad-supported shows and movies.

In further to today’s newly announced live TV integrations, Amazon also says a live TV programs are now Alexa-enabled.

That means we can contend things like “Alexa, play ‘Good Morning America’” or “Alexa, play a Seahawks game,” to launch a specific live TV module by name. This will work with a Alexa Voice Remote on a Fire TV Cube and with Fire TVs interconnected with an Echo device.

Live TV programs will also seem in a “App Peak” (hover) underline on a newly updated Fire TV interface. This underline will uncover we what’s on a given channel when we float over it in a categorical navigation and works on Fire TV Stick (third generation) and Fire TV Stick Lite, for a time being.

As a outcome of a expansions and live TV integrations — not to discuss a pestilence that’s kept people during home for party — Amazon says that rendezvous with livestreaming apps on Fire TV has some-more than doubled in a final 12 months, adult by over 130%.

Amazon says a new facilities are rolling out currently to Fire TV devices.

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