Published On: Thu, May 14th, 2020

Amazon Fire TV adds a Free add-on featuring apps, movies, TV and news

Amazon’s Fire TV height now has a possess opposition to Roku’s renouned giveaway cinema and TV hub, The Roku Channel. Today, Amazon introduced a new “free” territory on Fire TV that creates it easier for business to find giveaway movies, TV shows, news and other content, opposite a apps — including IMDb TV and Twitch — as good as third-party sources like TUBI, Pluto TV, Crackle, The CW and others.

The add-on will also prove users to other apps charity giveaway content, like Red Bull, PBS and PBS Kids.

The browsing knowledge within a giveaway territory on Fire TV is somewhat opposite than on The Roku Channel, however. While a latter focuses usually on a calm that can be streamed for free, Amazon Fire TV’s territory starts off with a quarrel of “featured apps.” And Amazon’s possess app, IMDb TV, sits prominently in a initial position.

Below this, Amazon afterwards offers thematic, plane rows of curated content. This includes a set of personalized recommendations of giveaway cinema and TV shows opposite categories like new, trending and popular, and a quarrel dedicated to Amazon’s News app on Fire TV. Amazon says many of a calm on a Free add-on will be sourced from other providers, not from Amazon itself.

In addition, a Free add-on will underline other forms of giveaway calm to watch, including unbarred calm from streaming services and a quarrel dedicated to Kids Family programming that’s giveaway by Prime Video .

Amazon says that opposite Fire TV, users have entrance to some-more than 20,000 giveaway cinema and TV episodes around apps like IMDb TV, Pluto TV, TUBI and others. But a Free add-on isn’t indispensably perplexing to lift in all this calm — usually a curated selection.

The launch of a Free add-on does prove Amazon is wakeful of a plea Roku presents with a giveaway cinema and TV hub, that has grown to turn one of a tip channels and attracts business to a platform. Roku, in a Q1 2020 earnings, pronounced it now has 39.8 million active users as of a finish of March. Amazon, meanwhile, had announced 40+ million actives in Jan — definition a dual are still really most neck-and-neck in terms of user growth.

Amazon Fire TV’s new Free add-on is live currently in a U.S.

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