Published On: Mon, Dec 19th, 2016

Amazon Fire tablets updated with kids’ reading app, Amazon Rapids, and a some-more absolute Alexa

Amazon Rapids, a tech company’s new attempt during removing children meddlesome in reading by a chat-based mobile app, is nearing currently on Amazon Fire tablets. The app was initial introduced final month as a subscription-based use that lets kids review stories opposite a accumulation of categories that are told in a character of discuss sessions.

That is, both a content and a illustrations are sent in a content messaging format, while a kids control a gait of a reading, by clicking on a subsequent discuss burble in a story’s sequence. The app also helps immature readers sound out formidable words, and adds those to a compendium for after practice. There’s also a “read to me” mode where a app will recount a stories to a child instead.

The stories themselves camber genres like adventure, fantasy, humor, mystery, scholarship novella and sports, and are told by a characters, like aliens invading a earth or chickens channel a street.

Amazon says this app will now be delivered to Fire HD 10, Fire HD 8, and Fire tablets as partial of a new Fire OS refurbish nearing today. The app includes hundreds of strange stories, and adds dozens of new ones monthly as partial of a subscription that costs $2.99 per month. (A two-week hearing is also available, to see if a kids indeed like a app first.)

The other important underline nearing in a refurbish currently is Alexa video support. Amazon’s practical partner Alexa was rolled out to Fire inclination progressing this year, where it was means to perform tasks like personification favorite songs, opening games or reading audiobooks. Now a partner can hunt for and play cinema and TV shows from Amazon Video, including Amazon Channels’ video subscriptions, too.

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