Published On: Mon, Aug 3rd, 2015

Amazon Cuts Down On Prime Members Sharing Their Benefits

Over a weekend, Amazon sensitively rolled out a array of changes to a “Amazon Household” module and a ability for Prime members to share their shipping benefits. The changes are designed to extent a ability for business to share Amazon Prime subscriptions with those who are not indeed members of their evident family, it appears.

Amazon formerly authorised anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription to share shipping benefits and a few others, including Prime Instant Video access, with adult to 4 other “household” members. But with a change to a policies during a finish of July, Amazon now usually allows a Prime member to share their Prime benefits with one other adult.

What’s more, anyone pity an comment has access to any other’s credit cards to make purchases. That’s apparently not a problem for spouses or poignant others who live together and share their financials, though it does put a check on pity your Prime advantages with extended family members, or with your friends or roommates, for example.

And that’s expected a intention.

Following a refurbish to a rules, dual adults can now share their Prime benefits, that embody a free, two-day shipping, Prime Instant Video streaming, entrance to Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, Prime Early Access and Prime Exclusive deals.

In further to a dual adults, any domicile can also have adult to 4 “child” profiles, that creates it easier for family members to share Kindle books opposite devices. Meanwhile, explains Amazon, Amazon Student Prime members and other invited guest of Prime members can’t share their benefits. But Prime members with Amazon Mom can share their 20 percent diaper and 15 percent Baby Registry discounts.

The dual adults will also need to sanction any other to use a credit and withdraw cards compared with their Amazon accounts, that can afterwards be used to make purchases on Amazon in a future. They’re both means to configure a family’s common library of books, apps, and games, too, and can conduct parental controls on Amazon FreeTime for a children compared with a account.

The judgment of “Amazon Household” itself is not new, we should indicate out. The association in Sep of final year introduced “Family Library” as a approach for domicile members to share their calm purchases. And households could share their shipping advantages before, too.

But now that “Amazon Household” module is fundamentally interesting a other Prime shipping advantage pity option, that before authorised any Prime member to share access to Amazon’s free, two-day shipping with others, provided you knew their email and birthday. (Clearly those mandate were dictated to extent pity to just family, though seeking a crony for their birthday was easy enough, many realized.)

Or some-more simply put, Amazon Household has transposed Prime Sharing for anyone who had nonetheless to set adult this option.

Before a changes, this is how Amazon Prime pity used to work (via

“Free or paid Amazon Prime members can share their shipping advantages with adult to 4 additional family members vital in a same household. If we squeeze a Prime membership for a tiny business, we might entice adult to 4 co-workers to emporium with this corporate account.”

The new wording, however, now reads:

Share Your Amazon Prime Benefits

Free hearing or paid Amazon Prime members can share certain Amazon Prime advantages with one other adult by combining an Amazon Household.

To get started formulating your Amazon Household, go to Manage Your Content and Devices. Under a Settings tab, name Invite an Adult underneath Households and Family Library.


  • The following Prime advantages can be common in an Amazon Household: shipping benefits, Prime Instant Video (streaming only), Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, Prime Early Access, and Prime Exclusive Deals.
  • For some-more information about Amazon Households, go to About Amazon Households.

The updated content doesn’t discuss anything about pity Prime memberships among co-workers during a tiny business. It seems that businesses will instead have to join the Amazon Business program, introduced progressing this year, that provides free, two-day shipping on orders of $49 or more.

Over a years, many Prime members took advantage of a pity underline as a approach to deliver others to a advantages of regulating Prime. It’s how we initial came to join Prime, in fact, and given then, I’ve common Prime with friends who were on a blockade about profitable a $99 annual price for Amazon Prime’s membership program.

Amazon didn’t make an central proclamation about a changes to Prime advantage pity or Amazon Household, though Prime business are reckoning it out for themselves. On a Slickdeals forums, for instance, members have remarkable a updated terms appearing on their accounts. And some pronounced that when they private one of a 4 people they were pity their advantages with, they could no longer supplement them back.

That implies that those who had common advantages with mixed others forward of a changes will sojourn grandfathered in until they take movement (like stealing a additional accounts), or until their Prime membership comes adult for renewal.

Amazon doesn’t fact how many subscribers it has in a Prime membership program, though a many new estimates put it during 44 million. The investigate also indicated that 47 percent of Amazon’s U.S. shoppers were Prime members, after some-more than doubling a subscriber bottom in a small some-more than dual years. Now it seems Amazon is prepared to pull those tagging along on others’ memberships to modify to profitable subscribers, too.

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