Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

Amazon confirms that it has acquired GameSparks

Ahead of GDC after this month, Amazon has reliable an merger that speaks to a ambitions to do some-more in a area of gaming — and privately by charity height collection for a games developer community. The association has acquired UK- and Ireland-based cloud gaming height GameSparks — a “backend as a service” for diversion developers to build several facilities like leaderboards into games, and afterwards conduct them, all in a cloud.

We first broke news of this merger behind in Jul 2017. At a time, we reported that a understanding was finished for around $10 million in a prior quarter. (Neither Amazon nor GameSparks would lapse a requests for criticism when we creatively published.)

GameSparks announced the understanding today. A deputy of AWS, Amazon’s cloud division, sent me a blog post, with no serve comment.

“We’re vehement to announce that GameSparks has been acquired by Amazon!” GameSparks notes. “GameSparks has prolonged common Amazon’s passion for assisting developers emanate extraordinary gaming experiences, so it’s a healthy fit. Being partial of Amazon means we’ll continue to grow a service, as good as try new ways to transparent a energy of Amazon to assistance we build, operate, and monetize your games.” The association pronounced it will be demoing a height during Amazon’s counter at GDC.

It’s not transparent since Amazon took so prolonged to endorse a deal. It could have been since they were watchful for a subsequent GDC, or that they finally motionless to come purify and adult a rival diversion among developers after final month Microsoft announced it had acquired PlayFab, that competes opposite GameSparks.

As we’ve reported before, GameSparks was co-founded by Griffin Parry (CEO), Gabriel Page (CTO) and John Griffin (COO). The association lets diversion developers build “server-side capability” for their games by approach of APIs and a cloud-based coding tool, and afterwards conduct those facilities after they are launched. Features that developers could build regulating GameSparks’ height embody leaderboards, real-time and turn-based multiplayer, notifications and actor save data.

One important fact is that GameSparks offers cross-platform harmony and supports all vital engines and stores including Unreal, Unity, PS4, XBOX, iOS, Google Play and Steam. Rovio, Ubisoft, Square Enix and Bandai Namco, as good as eccentric developers, are customers.

GameSparks lifted usually $820,000 from a tiny organisation of investors that included Enterprise Ireland (a supervision organisation that provides appropriation and support for Irish companies expanding internationally), and particular investors Jeff Allen, Joseph Murray and Paul Bushell.



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