Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says Trump’s immigration sequence “is one we do not support”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has come out strongly opposite a executive sequence released by Donald Trump per immigration and restraint certain refugees from entering a U.S. Amazon had formerly voiced support for employees influenced by a sequence in an email from HR VP Beth Galetti, though a new summary from Bezos expresses antithesis to a executive sequence in general, and also sum stairs Amazon has taken to quarrel a Trump administration measure.

Here’s a email in a entirety:

A discerning refurbish on where we are. This executive sequence is one we do not support. Our open process group in D.C. has reached out to comparison administration officials to make a antithesis clear. We’ve also reached out to congressional leaders on both sides of a aisle to try legislative options. Our authorised group has prepared a stipulation of support for a Washington State Attorney General who will be filing fit opposite a order. We are operative other authorised options as well. 

We’re a republic of immigrants whose different backgrounds, ideas, and points of perspective have helped us build and invent as a republic for over 240 years. No republic is improved during harnessing a energies and talents of immigrants. It’s a particular rival advantage for a country—one we should not weaken.

To a employees in a U.S. and around a universe who might be directly influenced by this order, we wish we to know that a full border of Amazon’s resources are behind you.  

 Thank you,


We reported progressing that Amazon would be filing a stipulation in support of a lawsuit being brought opposite Trump and his administration by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, that Bezos references here. After publicly criticizing Trump before to his election, a Amazon CEO met with a afterwards president-elect during a Silicon Valley care turn list in December, after that he voiced some confidence about how a initial assembly with a new administration proved “very productive.”

Bezos’ new respond hostile a sequence was destined to Amazon’s whole staff in response to Galetti’s strange email, that is enclosed next in full.

From: Galetti, Beth
Sent: Saturday, Jan 28, 2017
Subject: Advisory—New Executive Order’s Potential Impact on Amazon Employees

As we might have seen in a news, a administration released an executive sequence yesterday that restricts entrance into a United States by unfamiliar nationals who were innate in, or are adults of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, even if we reason twin citizenship with another country, US permanent chateau standing or a stream US work visa. US adults are not impacted by this restriction, that will be in outcome for an initial generation of 90 days, and might be extended or expanded.

From a really beginning, Amazon has been committed to equal rights, toleration and diversity—and we always will be. As we’ve grown a company, we’ve worked tough to attract gifted people from all over a world, and we trust this is one of a things that creates Amazon great—a different workforce helps us build improved products for customers.

Our evident concentration is to make certain we all have a information we need to make transport decisions in a entrance days and weeks. Here’s what we need to do now if we are a citizen of any of a countries listed in a order:

  • If we now reside and/or work in a US and are benefaction in a US today, we suggest that we refrain from transport outward of a US until serve notice as we might be denied re-entry to a US for a generation of a entrance restrictions;
  • If we now work/reside in a US (as a immature label hilt or on a stream work visa such as an H, L, E, or TN) though are roving abroad, greatfully contact We are operative on strait skeleton for these employees and will be communicating with them directly;
  • If we work for Amazon in another nation (and are a citizen of any of a countries listed above) and have stream skeleton to revisit a US for business or personal reasons, we advise we to cancel them until a entrance restrictions are lifted.

We are committed to ancillary all of a employees and anyone in their evident family who might be impacted by this order, including assistance with authorised warn and support, and will continue to guard any developments.



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