Published On: Wed, Nov 15th, 2017

Amazon brings Echo and Alexa to Canada

Amazon has finally brought a line of Alexa-powered Echo speakers to Canada. The recover of Echo hardware has been prolonged awaited by America’s northern neighbor, that could usually watch and wait as Echo went by dual generations in a U.S.

Echo Dot, a second era Echo and a Echo Plus with integrated intelligent home heart are all on sale in Canada as of today, contest with full Alexa voice partner support. The Dot is $49.99 for a singular time (regular $69.99), a Echo is $99.99 (normally $129.99) and a Plus is $169.99 ($199.99 normally).

The launch also comes alongside jungle opening a dedicated intelligent home inclination store in Canada, and charity entrance to Amazon Prime Music for Canadians, with over 1 million songs accessible to tide giveaway for Prime members.

A lot of Canadians are already regulating Alexa and Echo, carrying procured them from US retailers or third parties who will boat opposite a border, though this has always concerned workarounds like carrying a US Amazon account. Echo finally being accessible to Canadians strictly is a large step, and is expected to strike a chord with customers. Google Home launched in a marketplace progressing this year, too, so now consumers have some accumulation in their intelligent home orator options.

Devices are on sale now, though will start to boat during a commencement of December

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