Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

Amazon and Zynga partner on Word Pop, a Words with Friends spinoff combined for Alexa

Zynga’s renouned game, Words with Friends, is entrance to Alexa. The new voice-powered diversion will be famous as Word Pop, and — contemptible — we can’t indeed play it with friends right now, even nonetheless a diversion lives within Zynga’s broader Words with Friends franchise. Instead, a new Alexa voice diversion is noticed as a element to Zynga’s multiplayer version. It’s a place where players can whet their word-building skills, no friends required.

To launch Word Pop, you’ll contend “Alexa, open Word Pop” on any Alexa device to get started.

In a game, Alexa will plea a players to emanate as many difference as probable from a six-letter bank, by a array of one-minute sessions. During this time, players contingency contend or spell as many difference as they can, while earning points for both a series and length of a difference they find.

On Alexa inclination with a screen, like a Echo Show, there will also be a visible member where players will see their minute banks and finished words. Arguably, a diversion is improved this approach as it allows we to perspective a letters and combinations most like we can on a mobile device or computer. Without a screen, a diversion will infer most some-more severe — nonetheless that might seductiveness to some Words with Friends experts.

The companies impersonate their teaming adult on a new pretension as a “partnership,” where both Amazon and Zynga’s teams worked together to build a game. However, there isn’t now a revenue-sharing situation, we understand, as a diversion is giveaway and doesn’t offer in-app purchases. (Of course, if a pretension proves renouned enough, a companies could expected revisit that decision.)

In a meantime, however, a companies see a event to build their particular brands. Zynga can beget seductiveness in a aging, cross-platform Words with Friends authorization by approach of a new Alexa skill, while Amazon gets to deliver a thought of Alexa gaming to consumers around a obvious attention code and renouned diversion that users will already know how to play.

“I’m anxious that by adding Word Pop to a Words With Friends family, players will be means to exam and urge their word skills, creation them even improved Words With Friends players,” pronounced Bernard Kim, boss of Publishing during Zynga, in a statement. “The beauty of Words With Friends is that even after 10 years, we’re still finding new ways for a authorization to move fun to players around a world. We’re dedicated to experimenting with services such as Alexa and diversion modes like Word Pop, that gives players a familiar, nonetheless novel experience.”

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