Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2015

Amazon Adds Music And Water Controls To Echo As Part Of Alexa Fund Roll-Out

Amazon has currently announced that dual new companies, Musaic and Rachio, are being combined to a Amazon Echo height with investments from a $100 million Alexa Fund.

With a Amazon Echo, that is in many ways a first-of-its-kind device, Amazon is holding a opposite proceed to building out a voice-powered home assistant’s underline set.

Instead of perplexing to do it all, Amazon is drumming several developers to build on a Alexa API, joining third-party inclination and services to a complement for as many user functionality as possible.

For those of we who are new to a Amazon Echo, it’s a voice-powered IoT device that sits in a home and responds to queries. These queries can embody informational questions (how high is a Empire State building?), a ask to spin on a lights by a stirring SmartThings integration, or simply an further to your Amazon selling list.

All a user has to do is contend “Alexa” and a Echo starts listening and responding to requests.

To safeguard users can do as many as probable by a Echo, Amazon has dedicated $100 million to a Alexa Fund, that will assistance startups to confederate with a Alexa API and turn use providers by a device.

Musaic and Rachio are a many new companies to accept investment from a Alexa Fund, and will move their expertise in HiFi song and home automation to a voice-powered Echo.

Musaic is a wireless HiFi song complement that lets users control their song in several rooms, alongside adjusting a lighting to fit a mood of a music. Rachio, on a other hand, is a software/hardware association that helps guard a H2O use in a home by a intelligent sprinkler complement that watches a weather.

Musaic and Rachio join other Alexa Fund recipients such as Orange Chef, Scout Alarm, Garageio, Toymail, Dragon Innovation, MARA, and Mojio, with some-more to certainly follow.

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