Published On: Wed, Nov 29th, 2017

Amazon adds the Silk web browser to Fire TV

With small fanfare, Amazon launched a Silk web browser for Fire TV, permitting users with Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions to roller a web from their large screen. The app offers several customary web browser features, like a ability to hunt or enter URLs, entrance bookmarks, pierce brazen or back, save passwords, and more. It also uses as a default hunt engine, and supports searches around voice, interjection to a integrations with Fire TV’s voice remote.

Overall, however, a browser is a sincerely unclothed skeleton app that doesn’t seem like it was delicately customized for use on a television’s screen. But afterwards again, browsers aren’t unequivocally a good app for use on TVs in a initial place.

The cursor, for example, moves around around a directional buttons on a remote. That’s functional, though apparently some-more unwieldy than only grabbing your phone (that’s substantially circuitously anyway) to perform a hunt or bucket a webpage.

But a indicate of a Silk browser for Fire TV is not unequivocally web searches – it’s for online video.

The app includes a territory of calm called “Trending on a Web,” that highlights renouned videos, including those from news sources like CNBC, CNN, Fox and others. You can play, pause, quick brazen and rewind these videos regulating a buttons on a remote, instead of a cursor, that creates for easier viewing.

The app’s recover was initial speckled by AFTVNews, that forked out a beta chronicle of a Silk browser had leaked this June, hinting that a launch was in a works.

Above: picture credit, AFTVNews

Amazon has not nonetheless rigourously announced a app’s arrival, though it did endorse a news to us around email this afternoon.

The preference to not make a open proclamation could be a association is tied adult with a re:Invent discussion in Vegas, or it might be watchful until a browser is entirely concordant with all Amazon Fire TV inclination before creation an announcement.

Currently, a app works on a 1st and 2nd era Fire TV devices, a 2nd era Fire TV Stick, and all versions of Element and Westinghouse’s Fire TV Edition televisions, Amazon says. But it has not nonetheless launched on a new Fire TV, presumably since that device runs a new Fire OS 6. (A note on a browser’s Appstore page, however, says that it’s entrance to a new Fire TV in December.)

(Updated with Amazon’s confirmation, 2:00 PM ET)

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