Published On: Sun, Apr 4th, 2021

Amazon addresses pee bottle rejection tweet

Amazon kicked off a holiday weekend by backtracking somewhat on a amicable media descent that unfolded in a loss days of a ancestral unionization vote. The earlier  comments reportedly arrived as Jeff Bezos was pulling for a some-more assertive strategy.

Along with holding on Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, a Amazon News Twitter comment went toe to toe with Congressman, Mark Pocan. The Wisconsin Democrat cited oft-reported stories of Amazon workers urinating in bottles in greeting to comments from Consumer CEO, Dave Clark.

“You don’t unequivocally trust a peeing in bottles thing, do you?” a comment asked. “If that were true, nobody would work for us. The law is that we have over a million implausible employees around a universe who are unapproachable of what they do, and have good salary and health caring from day one.”

The Congressman’s initial response was purposeful and to a point: “[Y]es, we do trust your workers. You don’t?”

Subsequent reports have served to concrete those stories. One called a urination emanate “widespread” among Amazon drivers, adding that defecation had also, reportedly, turn a problem. Last night, a association offering a mea culpa of sorts, observant it “owe[s] an reparation to Representative Pocan.”

Things mangle down a bit from there. Amazon’s reparation acknowledges that workers peeing in bottles is a thing, though appears to indicate that it’s singular to drivers and not a accomplishment core staff during a core of this vast scale unionization effort. From there, a association adds that drivers peeing in bottles is an “industry-wide emanate and is not specific to Amazon.”

Amazon goes on a descent forward of subsequent week’s kinship opinion counting

The association willingly includes a list of links and tweets that are, during really least, an complaint of a gig economy and a diagnosis of blue collar workers, generally. Essentially, Amazon is revelation to being a partial of a problem, while operative to widespread a censure opposite an admittedly inadequate system.

Reports of workers urinating in bottles also go over drivers, including stories of room employees resorting to a act in sequence to accommodate difficult quotas.

“A standard Amazon accomplishment core has dozens of restrooms, and employees are means to step divided from their work hire during any time,” association writes in a post attributed to unknown Amazon Staff. “If any worker in a accomplishment core has a opposite experience, we inspire them to pronounce to their manager and we’ll work to repair it.”

Union opinion counting for a company’s Bessemer, Alabama room began final week. Results could have a wide-ranging impact on both Amazon and a attention during large.

Ballot counting for Amazon’s ancestral kinship opinion starts today

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