Published On: Mon, Jan 22nd, 2018

AltspaceVR CEO joins Facebook months after offered his startup to Microsoft

After offered his amicable practical existence startup to Microsoft in October, Eric Romo, a co-founder of AltspaceVR, is fasten a competing amicable VR group during Facebook as a product director, where he will be “exploring how VR can assistance communities connect.”

“It wasn’t an easy decision, though we left AltspaceVR with certainty that a group is well-placed to continue pulling brazen a guarantee of practical communication as partial of a Microsoft churned existence ecosystem,” Romo wrote in a Facebook post.

Romo is fasten a group that has built Facebook Spaces, a amicable practical existence app for chatting and collaborating. It’s expected not something you’ve come opposite in your daily News Feed scrolling, though FB hopes that they can use a height to play around with how amicable media plays out in a 3D space.

Facebook and Oculus work closely together on practical existence initiatives, though to date their amicable efforts have seemed a bit separate, with Oculus’s Avatars complement being built for a Rift’s gaming assembly while Facebook’s Spaces is some-more platform-agnostic and designed as an exploratory amicable apparatus for a company’s “10-year vision” for creation VR happen.

AltspaceVR has been one of a some-more savvy amicable VR startups of a past integrate of years, and it benefited strongly from Romo’s vision. The former CEO’s pierce was expected already in a cards when a Microsoft understanding surfaced; nevertheless, his fasten adult with Facebook highlights only how dug-in a amicable media hulk is in a VR space.

While AltspaceVR was forced to sell partially as a outcome of investments in a space removing harder to come by given a niche audience, Facebook’s friendship to VR shows few signs of negligence down — a association has already pumped billions of dollars into a space and is staid to deposit even more.

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