Published On: Fri, Mar 10th, 2017

Allo and Duo Get “Corporate” Siblings as Google Splits Hangouts into Bot-Powered Apps to Take on Slack

So Hangouts was still alive… It would be now. Google is creation some poignant changes to a Hangouts app by violation it into dual hipster, Slack-killing workplace tools. Talk about Microsoft and Slack removing some competition.

Of course, Google wouldn’t let others take on a workplace communication marketplace when it already offers some of a many renouned collection with a G Suite. The association has now reimagined a Hangouts app, violation it into dual tools to offer improved communication apps. The dual new apps will be called Hangouts Meet for video conferencing and Hangouts Chat for organisation content chatting – really identical to Slack.

Google announced a news currently during a Next discussion in San Francisco.

Google Hangouts – now Meet and Chat

Chat app is a take on Slack, that will be accessible to all a Google G Suite customers. The new app will concede business users to emanate practical bedrooms where they can reason organisation conversations. Chat also offers to mangle conversations into threads, most like Slack. The app includes a new @meet bot that will automatically report meetings on Hangouts Meet. The meet-bot will review Google Calendar schedules to demeanour for an open time accessible to all a discuss participants.

Chat will serve confederate with third-party services like Box, Zendesk, and Asana. Currently in testing, businesses can pointer adult to try it out regulating Google’s Early Adopter Program.

The new collaborative video chatting Hangouts Meet app was indeed launched a week ago by a company. Meet allows business business to control 30-person video conferences but a need of any of them carrying their possess account. A elementary invitation couple could be common around email or Calendar and over 30 people can join a sold assembly by simply clicking on that common link, even from a highway by dialing in from phone.

Meet allows users to lift files from G Suite. It also integrates directly with G Suite, that means “information we need about any assembly is automatically pulled from Calendar,” Google said. “For a G Suite Enterprise customers, any assembly comes with a dedicated dial-in phone number, so group members on a highway can feel connected and prolific in meetings notwithstanding wi-fi or information issues.”

You can get entrance to Meet on the web or download it on Google Play.

While it’s too early to contend if a dual new apps will accommodate any success, Hangouts Meet and Chat could assistance Google to finally mangle into a messaging world.

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