Published On: Sun, Jun 28th, 2015

Alleged OnePlus 2 Images Leak Showing Misplaced Measurements

Another flagship seems to have gotten held in a internet’s barbarous trickle mill. We’ve seen tip tier flagships such as a iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 get leaked in their entirety before launch, and if today’s trickle turns out to be true, afterwards we can supplement a OnePlus 2 to that list as well. After we saw some progressing images of a device trickle today, Phonearena claims to have gotten their hands on another set, and we can take a demeanour during them below.


Alleged OnePlus 2 Images Leak – Show Several Details

Well, things have finally started to get engaging on a OnePlus 2. When it comes to a company’s unequivocally most expected flagship, infancy of a word that we’ve seen about a OnePlus 2 so distant is pleasantness of a association itself. From Phonearena’s images, it seems that a device will have a wooden behind choice as well. But, if we take a closer demeanour during a picture below, you’ll see that they’re surprisingly out of proportion.


Looking during both of a images, a initial thing we notice is that a front and a back measurements of a OnePlus 2 are not equal. Assuming (with no salt during all) that these images are accurate, afterwards OnePlus unequivocally has selected to do something singular with a OnePlus 2. The back of a device measures approximately 17 cm and a front measures 14 cm, according to today’s leak. The back pattern of a device also catches a eye as being a small too familiar. The device in these images however is elegantly designed and appears to have an aesthetically appreciative shade to physique ratio. OnePlus seems to have gotten a integrate of things right, detached from a device’s measurements of course. So until some-more information becomes available, we’d advise we to move a whole lot of doubt to a list when evaluating these images. Stay tuned. And let us know what we consider in a comments territory below.

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