Published On: Fri, Sep 1st, 2017

Alexa’s ‘flash briefing’ can now refurbish we on a latest song news and events

Amazon Alexa’s renouned “Flash Briefing” skill, designed to give we a latest news and information from a array of customizable news sources, can now tell we about what’s function in a universe of music, too. On Thursday, Amazon introduced a new ability called “Today in Music,” that will yield daily song news updates, including new releases, sum on arriving song events and shows function nearby, news on tip artists, and other disdainful content.

The calm will be curated in-house by Amazon Music’s staff, and might embody things like disdainful explanation from artists, or sum on a newest playlists and stations a group has launched.

In addition, a lecture might embody information about music-related facilities in users’ Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions, records Amazon.

Like Alexa’s other skills, we can spin on a song lecture by asking. To do so, you’ll say: “Alexa, capacitate ‘Today in Music.” You can also supplement a ability from a Alexa messenger app or around a skill’s page on a web. Then, as always, we can listen to whatever news you’ve configured for your briefing, by observant something like “Alexa, what’s a news?” or “Alexa, what’s my peep briefing?” or identical commands.

The launch is another instance of how Amazon uses Alexa to foster a other services, including those that beget revenue. Already, there are Amazon-created skills for things like a food smoothness service, Amazon Restaurants; those that are companions to Amazon Video’s strange TV series, one for Amazon Publishing, as good as a mint app Amazon Storytime, that ties into Amazon Rapids and Amazon-owned Audible.

While these skills don’t indispensably make income directly for Amazon, if a Amazon Echo and other Alexa-powered inclination turn broadly adopted, it gives Amazon another window to marketplace a services to consumers.

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