Published On: Wed, Aug 30th, 2017

Akira Yamaoka Is Ready to Work Again on Silent Hill Series

Without a doubt, Silent Hill was one of a many dear fear franchises for gamers. Since a initial release, launched on PlayStation in 1999, a imagery of Keiichiro Toyama revolutionized a genre in a industry.

Silent Hill’s puzzling account and a dark, unfortunate locations were joined with a good compositions of Akira Yamaoka, member of Team Silent, in assign of a growth of a initial 4 installments of a franchise.

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Unfortunately, a diversion has depressed into oblivion. Like in partial to his final titles not unequivocally popular, for example, Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Despite this, Akira Yamaoka was peaceful to work again on a array and positive that he would “love” a lapse of a fear franchise.

“I can’t unequivocally contend if there will be another Silent Hill or not. First of all, I’m happy that fans of a array around a universe are still seeking us questions about it. Personally, of course, I’d adore this to happen, though we apparently couldn’t contend for certain [either way],” Yamaoka pronounced during a assembly with a PC Gamer.

On assembly with a rest of Team Silent members, a composer pronounced he is peaceful to do it: “I’m not opposite it. But it’s tough to contend since everybody has evolved, and maybe a mindset has altered as well. Also, a record and a games attention as a whole has altered as well. Even if we got behind together I’m not even certain we could do something good so it’s unequivocally tough to contend during a moment,” Yamaoka said.

The musician was also questioned about a termination of Silent Hills, a pretension that was destined by Hideo Kojima: “It’s tough to say, everybody was unequivocally unhappy about that, so we kind of followed a mood of everybody else. Since everybody was saying: it’s a shame, it’s too bad—maybe it is a contrition and it is too bad,” resolved a composer.

What is your favorite pretension of this presence horror? Would we like to see a new diversion of a franchise? Let us know in a comments below.

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