Published On: Thu, Jan 25th, 2018

Airbnb brings on American Express CEO to house of directors

Airbnb has allocated Kenneth I. Chenault, a effusive CEO of American Express, to a house of directors. The proclamation comes one week after Facebook allocated Chenault to a house of directors.

“As a CEO of American Express, Ken has built one of a many successful trust-based companies in a world,” Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky wrote in an open minute today. “It is a association that has endured and innovated for scarcely 168 years. Ken and we spent time articulate about a 21st-century indication and in sold a purpose of trust as a infrastructure for such a model. Ken also believes deeply that, now some-more than ever, companies need to mount for values, character, and competence.”

Chenault will be a initial non-affiliated eccentric house member during Airbnb and a initial black house member during Airbnb. He also is a initial and usually black house member for Facebook.

Chesky added, “As [Chenault] says, ‘I consider companies exist since multitude allows us to exist. Corporations are not entitled to exist. So we consider we have a shortcoming and an requirement to assistance urge society.’ ”

Airbnb seems to be gearing adult for an IPO. On Feb 22, Chesky pronounced Airbnb will announce a subsequent section “to commission a host-led universe with some estimable improvements to a use that set us adult for an gigantic time horizon.”

As partial of Chesky’s prophesy for Airbnb to be a association that survives “to see a subsequent century,” Chesky pronounced Airbnb will recover a initial annual stakeholder news in March.

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